Saturday, June 18, 2011

Updated MMMM A Monsters

I've received some good feedback so far (Thanks!) and I've implemented a few of the changes.  
  • Symbols for movement rather than the old Gygaxian symbols
  • Horde = Hoard  (Duh!!)
  • Disclaimer on "Badly Damaged" and "Mostly Dead" -- purely optional folks
  • Edits: Apparition, Greater Arcanix, etc.  (you look at a file soooo much that you can't see these things.  That's why people hire editors!!)
Anyway, you can download the NEW VERSION at the old link.  Go here; at the bottom of the page.



T Mullins said...

Are you needing monster illustrations? Drop me an email and I'd be happy to pitch in.

Jim said...

@Scadgrad -- YES! Absolutely! Thanks!!! I don't have your email though... I'm wilmanric at the google mail. Please! :)

Roger G-S said...

So, right now I'm using Kellri's monster statblocks as my go to reference. But those are scaled to AD&D not O/B (lots of claw-claw bites etc.) So this would be really useful, contingent on two features:

1. Each monster goes on its own page
2. You put a stats-only table at the back, similar to the monster tables in the mack of the AD&D DMG.