Saturday, June 4, 2011

Little Wars by H. G. Wells -- PLUS BLOCKS!

I've known about this book for quite some time now, but I recently re-Googled it when I saw the Kickstarter for Uncle Chestnut's Table Gype.  I haven't decided if I want to be a Supporter yet.  It's not that I don't like the game -- I DO!  It's that I've already done three Kickstarters this month.  (I'm patiently awaiting my DungeonMorph dice!!!)

I have not given the book a thorough read-through yet, but I plan to do so during my June vacation.  :)

One part that clicked for me was the use of wooden blocks as scenery.  Here's an example pic:

I've recently dug through several boxes of wooden blocks in my garage and I've liberated some blocks for use in my games.  Here's a pic of the "block box":

I haven't decided if I'm going to paint them yet.  I guess I'll just need to see how they work out in play.  

Some of the blocks are tall and relatively thin.  I think they'll make fine pillars.  Other blocks are more "wall like" and I think they can be used effectively to give more dimension to battles.  There are also some blocks that will be fine stand-ins for doors.  Others for altars.  Some odd pointy ones for who knows what.  There's a cone and pyramid in there somewhere too.

I've had these blocks a long time.  I think I got them years and years ago when I was in college to be an elementary school teacher.  

I don't get any commissions off these links, but to save you the trouble if you are thinking of buying some blocks.... -- $15.98 -- these are part natural wood and some are painted...

This is an expensive set, but Wells and Chesterton would be proud!

Here's a set that intrigues me.  Called "vari-design" these are funky shapes like urns, pillars, spheres, eggs, etc.

Also, here's a post about using blocks to map a DUNGEON ADVENTURE FOR KIDS!  Cool pics over there too!  Check it out!

Enjoy your blocks and enjoy LITTLE WARS!

Little Wars - HTML


Anonymous said...

Ah Little Wars.

That's the book that got me into this mess.

I find it amazing the collection of books on wargaming that were available in my little suburban library back in the 70s.

Little Wars,
Featherstone's Wargames
Grant's The Wargame
Young's Charge

Incredible! I have my own copies now. (No i didn't steal them from the library! Sheesh. Some people.)

Read that book. If it doesn't stir your soul, you don't have one. Like a lawyer or the Undead.

Erin Smale said...

Great book, "Little Wars." Two things:

1. Wells' intro: "A Game for Boys from twelve years of age to one hundred and fifty and for that more intelligent sort of girl who likes boys' games and books." Clearly a sign of the times, but I still can't decide if it's funny or insulting.

2. Jenga blocks do well in a pinch: Easy to arrange plus...well, Jenga.

Jim said...

@Gratuitous -- Super jealous...
@Erin -- You are one post ahead of me... Can you see the future? :)