Saturday, June 11, 2011

Melee Weapon Cards

Here's a deck of 78 melee weapon/gamer bling cards for your enjoyment.  They have no text; you'll need to write that in yourself.  Enjoy!

Set includes swords, warhammers, maces, axes and daggers!

Download here


bliss_infinte said...

Um, that is pretty spectacular! I've been wanting to have something like this especially for magic items for my players to use. This is a great stop in that direction. Actually, general equipment cards might be nice too so players can discard after use such as torches, arrows, flasks of oil.

Thanks for putting these together.

Jim said...

@Bliss -- Thanks. I put these together primarily for magic item use. Write on 'em to make them fit. :) Here's a link to my "deck of normal items"

bliss_infinte said...

Thanks Jim! I must have missed your original post where you talked about the 'normal' items. Just what I was thinking of! I'll be using both of these sets in my game!

Anathematician said...

Nicely done. I wish there was a set of cards like this that emulate the old Arduin Grimoire items cards.

Keep up the good work.

Jeremy Deram said...

These are great! Nice work!

Aaron E. Steele said...

Very nice!

Nuurori said...

Looks like you did these using magic set editor 2 standard templates. We've been using it in our own gaming projects for some time now, but quickly moved to customized templates.

You can see a glimpse of results in the frontpage of our naturally outdated website at

There you can also download somewhat outdated version of the (mostly system specific) card templates, if you want to try something different.

P.S. Your GM helper cards are imba! I wonder if I could find a use for something like that in my own campaing. thx for inspiration

P.P.S. Im not a regular blog reader, just randomly stumbled here through LOFTP, so I'm probably not gonna check for more comments.