Thursday, May 31, 2012

RIP Knand

DnD is a funny game.  I know, I know, I'm currently playing Labyrinth Lord, but this game will always be DnD to me.

Anyway, it's a funny game.

If you allow the dice to be "oracles," you never know what will happen and that's the beauty of it all.  The game can still surprise you.

The randomness of the dice allow for an "emergent narrative" that just happens.  It's not a railroad.  It's not a fixed plot-line.  Events transpire and the dice help determine what takes place.

Well, last night, a loyal henchman died.  Sometimes those surprises can be bittersweet.

Trouble is, he didn't die at the hands of a vicious enemy.  He wasn't incinerated by a dragon.  He wasn't killed by fell magic.

He died at the hands of a trusted ally; victim to a fumble.  A random accident.  A one in 2400 chance.

Knand was an NPC that entered our game as the result of a draw from a Deck of Many Things.  You can read a bit about that episode here.   Hanuman was lost to the Donjon and ended up in a cage, suspended above a cavern, with his loyal 4th level fighter Knand.

They adventured together and escaped back into the world and were inseparable.  Knand owed Hanuman his life.

Hanuman grumbled a bit about how fat Knand was, but they relied on each other.

Today, Hanuman, in the heat of battle, accidentally snapped Knand's neck.  He died.

RIP Knand.  You will be missed.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Anklebiter Art

My grandson and granddaughter drew these up a week or so ago.  We started on the displacer beasts when mom and dad arrived.  :(


He's an ORANGE dragon.  Get it?

[Holy Humpday!] Curate of Malko

MALKO ( The Preserver )
Alignment:  NG
Portfolio:  Healing, Destruction of Undead, Lightning
Requirements:  Wis 14,  Con 14
Weapons Allowed:  Any Blunt Weapon
Armor Allowed:  Ring Mail, Scale Mail, Chain Mail, No Shields
Major Spheres:  Healing, Necromancy, Charm, Sun, Any Lightning Spells
Minor Spheres:  Protection, Divination
Magik Items Allowed:  Any not prohibited to priests, Javelins of Lightning, Hammer of Thunderbolts

Granted Powers:

•  Curates of  Malko may turn undead at two levels higher.
•  Curates of  Malko gain the Thunderhammer at 4th level.  The Thunderhammer may be called down once per day outdoors from a cloudy sky.  The Thunderhammer may be thrown to a range of 15" with a +4 bonus to hit.  It may be thrown once for every two levels of experience of the Curate.  It causes 2-12+4 points of damage to the target on a successful hit.  Upon scoring a successful hit, the hammer causes a  tremendously loud thunderclap, hence the name.  The victim may save for half damage.  The Thunderhammer causes double damage to undead creatures and they save at -3.
•  Curates of  Malko gain a +2 bonus on all saves concerning undead and their powers.
•  Curates of  Malko are bestowed the following spells as if they were one rank lower;  Slow Poison, Cure Serious Wounds, Cure Critical Wounds, Heal, Cure Blindness, Cure Deafness, Cure Disease, Negative Plane Protection, Raise Dead, Regenerate, Restoration, Resurrection, Remove Curse, Remove Paralysis, Protection From Evil 10' Radius, Protection From Lightning, Dispel Evil
•  All Healing spells cast by Curates of  Malko gain the benefit of an additional 1-8+4 points of effect.

Other Notes:  •Curates of Malko are ascetic men and women who have dedicated their lives to helping others.  The health and well being of others is their main concern.  Most Curates spend their lives working within the villages and towns of Queston, rendering aid to the less fortunate and impoverished.  •They violently oppose the followers of Girgun the Putrifier, as well as cults devoted to Orcus.  •Curates of Malko dress simply in robes of a single color, usually brown, black, or blue.  They carry the symbol of their order around their necks on a silver chain or atop a staff which serves dually as a weapon.  •Most Curates dwell within small communities around Queston, while still others travel between very rural areas.  These 'circuit priests' typically spend one to three days per month in a single community before moving on to the next.  Nearly every major city in the Fyrkingdom has a large temple to Malko, and it is the temple in Fyrkeep itself which holds the holiest of objects, the Lifestones.  These are the only objects capable of Raising or Ressurecting the dead.

Monday, May 28, 2012

[Map Monday] Korum and Manticorn

Back in the days before the internet and before I had a color printer (heck, I still don't have one...) I would design cities using a brush in MacPaint that would create a square grid, like graph paper.

Then, I would use a set of colored markers to color in the legend on the left.  I'd use that legend to color in squares within the cities to suggest where businesses and other "types" of areas were located within the cities.

Here's a colored map of two large cities in Queston, Korum and Manticorn.  Enjoy!

Heck, get out your markers and make your own!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Polyhedral NPC Matrix (Part 4)

So, Telecanter told me in a comment that he thought dropping the Scrabble Tiles onto a map was a really good idea.  If he thinks so, I have to give it a try.

I got the old Judges Guild Tarantis City Supplement a long time ago on RPGNow.  It has a great map in the back.  It's big with a lot of possibilities.

So, I took a picture of my "tile map" with my phone.  I used GIMP to cut out all the circles and make them a little transparent.  I overlayed this onto the Tarantis map.  I stretched the circles a little to spread them out across the city a bit.

Here's the map:

Looking where the circles are on the Tarantis map, I made some determinations about what my NPCs are doing there.

Here's that chart:

The coolest thing here is the serendipity of it all.  The randomness tells a story, more than you'd get if you made it up on your own and you get to be surprised by it as it happens.

For example,
  • Steinthor the Dog works for the Wizard on Quikling Row.  Did the wizard set him up with that symbiotic arm?
  • Apparently Weasel lurks around the Temple on Firdausi Lane.  Does he masquerade as a priest? Does he do work for those at the Temple?  Does he have sanctuary there?
  • Julian the Barbarian hangs out in the Bazaar.  Why?  Is he looking for a job?  Does he have merchandise to sell?
  • Galan, our Bard, frequently performs at the Weeping Willow Inn.  How does he get along with the proprietors?  How many of their famous "Zombie" drinks can he handle?
Great stuff!  More plots and possibilities to be found as I read through the selections in more detail.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Saturday 40k Game

Today, my grandson Matt and my stepson Brian came over to play Warhammer 40k.

I had a 2000pt Space Marine Army (The Banecorp) and Matt and Brian combined with 1000pts each.  Brian had his Blue Devils Space Marines and Matt played the Tau.

We mixed in a little randomness from my Catachan Firebreathers.

Here are some pics:
The table edge.  Banecorp on the left, Tau and Blue Devils on the Right
Matt is using Clone Troopers at Tau Fire Warriors, Marro Warriors from Heroscape are Kroot, Maug's are Crisis Battlesuits, and those Ogre-like MageKnight things are Kroot Hounds. 
Here's Matt's Hammerhead Gunship (I made it for his birthday -- see this link) and some paper Gun Drones.
Here's Hellion my Mk I Land Raider.
Here's my new magnetized Land Raider Crusader.  That building is a paper kit I got from RPG Now.  
During Turn 1, my DIY Drop Pod lands, a Space Marine Tactical Squad pours out.  The Sergeant has a Teleport Homer, so the Terminators arrive on top of the power generator (the card is for stability.)  At the end of this round, the Kroot are no more, mowed down in a hail of bolter fire. 
At this point, the Blue Devils have blown up my Rhino and my second Tactical Squad has suffered the loss of 7 members.  The remaining marines bolt into the nearby woods so that the Land Raider Crusader can massacre these 'Devils where they stand.
In this pic, you can see the Crusader bearing down on the 'Devils.  My "Paper Predator" is coming from the other direction.   My "alien forest" is pretty effective, I think.  I made it from grassy foam balls from the dollar store, lichen, moss, wire, paint and rectangular wooden bases.  I glued sand to the base for texture.
A closeup of my Tac Squad and what's left of my Terminators after the Crisis Battlesuits and the 'Devils Dreadnaught got done with them.  I got the last laugh.  Both these Termies made it to the end of the game.  Neither the Dread nor the Battlesuits survived.
You can see the back side of my Paper Predator and my DIY Drop Pods across from the alien forest.
Blue Devil Termies move toward the wood where my Space Marines wait to re-emerge.  These three fell to the deadly blows of the Blue Devils Chapter Master and his Chainfist.
One Catachan Firebreather charges my Predator and succeeds in immobilizing it.  Later, it would rend it open and destroy it.  In the distance you see another Catachan Firebreather assaulting the Blue Devils.  I wanted to link to the Paper Tank, it's a One Monk Wolverine, but I can't find it online.  
All in all, the Banecorp were triumphant.  A good time was had by all.

[40k] Catachan Firebreather

I was at the dollar store the other day and I bought some plastic dino toys.  I bought three green ones (its embarrassing I can't think of the name of the dino) and three orange triceratops.  They look a little like this:
Well, I'm planning on playing Warhammer 40k today with my stepson and grandson.  I wanted to spice up the scenario and add a little chaos, so I created a profile for these little buggers.  I'm calling them "Catachan Firebreathers."

I wrote up a profile for them and added some "automatic" behaviors and rules.  I don't know how they will play in practice, but that isn't preventing me from sharing the proposed rules here.

Here's a screenshot:

Here's a link to the PDF on my Google Drive.

I'll let you know how they play out.  With my luck, they will decimate my Space Marines!  :)

Polyhedral NPC Matrix (Part 3)

On my previous post, Telecanter suggested that I use a bunch of Scrabble Tiles to make the NPC Matrix.

Excellent idea.  Thank you!

Keith Davies further suggested that "blanks" might have some special connotation when the tiles were thrown.

Another excellent idea!  Thank you!

So, I liked these ideas SO MUCH that I gave it a try.  I honestly don't know where to go from here.  I have ideas and I'm thinking about it.  I want to show you the maps I made.

I selected all the tiles.  These aren't Scrabble but from Bananagrams (?)  A friend (RF in my CotMA Campaign) gave these to me.
I threw them down on a large sheet of paper from an IKEA art roll I have in my office.  A few tiles bounced off the table (I was perhaps a bit too enthusiastic...) so I just picked them up and flipped them back onto the paper.  This is what it looked like at the end.

Now, none of my tiles are "blank" as Keith suggested, but a large number are upside-down.  I figure that tells me *something* about those NPCs.  Maybe they are good or maybe they are evil.  Maybe they all have a secret...  I don't know, but I want to make sure I remember which ones were upside-down.

I began by circling the upside-up ones in RED.  Here's what that looks like:
I wrote the letter inside the circle.  There's still *a lot* of room to scribble more notes on here when the time is right...

Then, I circled the upside-down tiles in BLUE.
So, there's the map.  What does proximity mean?  If the letters are close together, are they allies?  Are they an organization?  Do they have a common goal regardless of their "alignment" or alliances?

What if they are all alone on the periphery.  What does that mean?

This method bears a striking resemblance to the excellent ideas Telecanter shared about making caves, caverns and dungeons with dice and condiments!

At first glance, this looks like a map.  If this was a city, you could overlay this onto a map and perhaps find out where all of them "live."  Alternately, you could print up a city map (or regional map) and throw the tiles onto it.  The location of the tile would show where they "live."

I'm going to ponder this map awhile and see what pops into my head.  Of course, I appreciate any suggestions or ideas you might have.  Please share them in the comments.

Friday, May 25, 2012

[Finish It Friday] Varlets and Vermin - a review

(Dear Reader, I'm looking at my DRAFTS folder in blogger and I'm trying to finish posts that I began some time ago.  This is the first in that effort!)
Back in May (of 2010 or 2011?  I don't remember now...) Roger the GS at his blog, Roles, Rules, and Rolls, posted a great low-level monster book called "Varlets and Vermin".  I didn't see it back in May (don't know why) but I stumbled upon it a week or two ago.  Since then, I've printed it out and turned it into a booklet.  I've really enjoyed reading through it and I think it has some great monsters in there that can add real excitement to an adventure.

Roger sets the book up with the following sections (I think they are fairly self explanatory):
  • At the Entrance
  • Rat Variations
  • Oh Garbage Dump
  • The Underdim
  • Three Feet of Water
  • Adversarial Gamemaster's Bullpen
  • Pauper's Cemetary
  • Poor Wizard's Almanack
  • Appendix A: Half Man, Half Amazing
  • Appendix B: Ten Tamed Titans
At the beginning of each section, he sets the stage with a brief paragraph that lets you know what kind of monsters to expect.  I found this one to be quite amusing:

In a world with ear seekers, throat leeches, trappers, lurkers, mimics and all the other deceptive tricks of the dungeon, the fantasy world hardly needs any more annoying critters to throw at players. And yet, here they are.

Each monster is statted out  for Swords and Wizardry (but they are easily translatable to other OSR games) and he writes a short description that gives you a bit of background about the origin or nature of the beast.  

Each of the monsters has something new or clever to offer.  If the monster has new mechanics associated with it, they are clearly described and explained.  As I read, I found myself thinking about my bi-weekly CotMA game and how I might strategically place some of these beauties into the dungeon.  In the bottom half of this post, I have added some notes about how some of Roger's monsters did in play this week.  :)

Appendix A: Half Man, Half Amazing offers seven different combat tactics that you can use to differentiate between hordes of monsters.  Roger offers this advice:
The secret to making groups of humanoid warriors memorable is to treat them as military cultures, not species. Give each race a different tactic, a different motive.
He gives useful descriptions of Rabble, Warbands, Fanatics, etc.  This Appendix could see some serious use as I make different tribes of orcs, hobgoblins and other humanoids behave differently in CotMA.

In Appendix B: Ten Tamed Titans, Roger takes ten dangerous challenges and brings them down to a level that beginning adventurers can handle.  Some of the challenges start off tame but become more dangerous with time.  Others become more like tricks or traps than monsters to defeat.  My personal favorite is the "Mimicking Golem".  Great stuff!

I couldn't recommend this little book more.  Click on this link immediately and visit Roger's RRR blog.  The link for V&V is on the right hand side of his page.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Polyhedral NPC Matrix (Part 2)

On Tuesday, I posted about using a Scattergories d20 to make an NPC matrix.  Go here to read it.

I decided I wanted to flesh out my matrix with some relationships and motivations.  Finding nothing readily available in my existing resources (I didn't look everywhere...) I mocked this up:

The results of my 1d6+2d6 rolls transformed my NPC Matrix thusly --
It's a start!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

[Holy Humpday!] Anarch of Mayhem

Thus begins an ongoing series of posts.  Until I run out, I will post one "specialty priest" from my Queston Campaign world each week.  I'm posting them "as is," which means they might be incomplete or really crappy.  I wrote these up about 20 years ago.  :)

In Queston, the priests of Mayhem are called Anarchs.  I had a couple of great PC Anarchs in my game, Sondor Lawbender and Calidor Darkblade.

Here's a write-up that describes Mayhem and his clerics.  Houseruled 2nd Ed. AD&D.
MAYHEM ( Laugh Lord )

Alignment:  CG
Portfolio:  Freedom, humor, laughter
Requirements:  Any one attribute above 15;  Spell bonus based upon this attribute
Weapons Allowed:  Any
Armor Allowed:  Any
Major Spheres:  All
Minor Spheres:  None
Magik Items Allowed:  Any not restricted only to another class

Granted Powers:

•  Anarchs of Mayhem may Taunt their enemies once per day as the wizard spell of the same name.  It seems they always know what to say to provoke a fight.
•  At third level Anarchs of Mayhem may stand up in front of a crowd and begin to tell amusing stories and jokes to them.  If the crowd understands the Anarch, this is similar in effect to the Enthrall spell.  They may do this once per day.  At the end of the routine, the crowd typically has a favorable reaction toward the Anarch and his party unless their alignments are drastically different.
•  At 7th level an Anarch of Mayhem may cast the spell Free Action upon himself or another once per day with a duration of 1-6 hours.
•  Anarchs of Mayhem gain a bonus of +2 to any saving throw, versus spells such as Hold Person and Slow.  In fact this bonus is gained versus any spell or spell-like effect which hampers movement or immobilizes the Anarch.
•  Each and every Anarch upon reaching fourth to ninth level is typically bestowed a spell unique to that Anarch.  The spell is usually first or second rank and the effects vary widely.

Other Notes:  •Anarchs of Mayhem have the reputation of being stalwart opponents of tyranny and oppression.  They have fought many battles against vicious overlords and evil monarchs.  They currently focus a lot of their attention on the terrible conditions found in the Empiracy.  •Anarchs fervently oppose the Skulls of Morbus.  •Anarchs also have the reputation of being quite funny and never, ever losing their sense of humor.  They have a gift for always finding the bright side of a bad situation.  Bad puns abound.  •Anarchs typically dress in an astounding variety of mismatched clothing and armor.  They have an interesting perception of aesthetic taste (some would say no taste at all).  The colors they favor are purple, green, orange, and red.  They are quiet a motley group and no two Anarchs look or dress alike.  They wear their symbol out in the open and often decorate their shields with it.  If they didn't everyone would recognize them anyway  •Anarchs quite often receive a random assortment of spells from Mayhem, instead of their spells of choice.  •Mayhem has few major temples and requires no temple service from any of his Anarchs, but a rare few choose to venerate their deity in this way.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

4e, The "Delve Format" and Good Advice

Over at the Fearless DM, the FDM writes about 4e and "what its really about".  Character Optimization.  Fine.  Tried that in 3e and Exalted (ugh).  Not my bag -- probably why I don't play 4e.

Anyway, within his post he gives this bit of advice --

The real lesson of the Delve Format (and my experience at Origins) is this: no matter what the delve format was trying to do- the battles don’t play themselves. And Good DMing has to do with more than just knowing the rules. 
1. If you want to do weak Dms a favor, give them less crap to worry about.Because they can’t manage it. 
2. And if you want to do great Dms a favor, give them less crap to deal with. Because they can do a better job just by being free from the restrictions.  
Either way, less, less, less.  (emphasis mine)
Good advice.

Which would you rather run?  This --
 Or this?

A6 80'x110'x40' H Overrun with 20 spriders (sic - or is it?). 1/2 HD 1-3-2-2-4-1-2-3-3-1 HTK,AC 4 non-poisonous 1/bite. Cobwebs slow movement 1/2 normal. Six Zombies;2 HD, 8-4-7-13-15-6 HTK, AC 8, 1-8/hit, thumping on dead rat.
Or even this?
190. BADGERS. The gnomes in #189 have trained thesebadgers as pets and will use them in combat ifnecessary. Three badgers (6, 8, 10 h.p.). 

Polyhedral NPC Matrix

A few weeks ago, I saw this great series of posts about Polyhedral Pantheons at KJD-IMC.  It got me thinking about dice and how you could make a matrix connecting NPCs within a campaign.

Then I remembered that great party game Scattergories.  It has a d20 in it that has various letters of the alphabet instead of 1 through 20.

Seems to me, you could look at the die and create a matrix -- each face touches three other faces at the edge.  You could create a list of names (using each letter) and you could randomly create some information about each NPC.

Here's my list of names.  I used Chris Pound's Name Generator for the names.  I just picked off the list based upon the letter.

I rolled in the back of my Wilderness Alphabet to randomly generate characteristics.  I wanted each NPC to have a unique role, so I re-rolled occupations.  I also stopped rolling "noses" after about the third or fourth one.  :)

Here's a matrix of how the NPCs know (or are connected) to each other.  Further fleshing out during the game will be necessary.

Depending upon the granularity of your game, you might have a separate matrix for the Wizard's Guild, the Thieve's Guild and the Merchant's Guild.  Or, you might just have one matrix for the city/town/hamlet as a whole.  You can decide.

Now, when the characters are looking for information (or whatever) you can grab that big d20 and roll...

"Oh, a 'G', I guess that Galan Odonsson, the Muttering Bard, knows something..."

"Who else is after the Scarlet Cloak of Eldradiss?  'J'  Julian Slightthoughts, the dimwitted barbarian..."

"Who hired the assassin?  'H' Harald Catfoot - heck, maybe he IS the assassin..."

You get the idea.  :)

You can order replacement Scattergories d20s here for $2 each.  I faxed my order in on a Thursday and I received my d20s on Monday.  No shipping either!

Monday, May 21, 2012

[Map Monday] iG-Tools

Let me start by saying, man, I miss this site.  Here's the archive if you'd like to see what you missed.

My favorite part was the 3D villages.

Back in 2005 (?) the site just stopped working and all the precious resources just vanished.  I thought that I had a bunch of these villages on my hard drive, but I can only find one.

Galburg #95.

I renamed and repurposed it as Farthington.

The thing I loved about these maps was the 3D map that perfectly matched the 2D map of the village.  I think there was a village key too, but I can't find that.

Here's Galburg Farthington.  Enjoy!

PS: If you know how to randomly generate village maps that look like this.  I'd pay for a Java app that can do this.  :)

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Godsymbols - Evil

These symbols represent the evil forces within my Queston Campaign world.  Each of these baddies has a "specialty priest" associated with them too.

Starting at the top and going clockwise, they are:

  • Morbus (Death) - LE
  • Girgun (The Putrifier, The Decayed) - NE
  • Blech (The Vacuous One, Lord of Entropy) - NE
  • Thrun (The Destroyer) - CE

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Godsymbols - Good

In my Queston AD&D Campaign of old, I had a pantheon of Good gods and Evil gods (well, demons really)

Each god had a "specialty priest" type associated with it.  Eventually, I'll post those here.

Here's a pictorial map of the "Good" deities.

I designed these on my Mac-128 using MacPaint in about 1984 or 1985.   I designed them to print to my dot-matrix printer, so no color.  I printed them at one point and "colorized" them using markers... Maybe I'll scan that sometime...

The big symbol is the larger (more complicated -- HA!) holy symbol.  The smaller symbol is a kind of "sigil" associated with the deity.

From the top, then left to right, the deities are:
  • Solon (The Illuminate, The Sungod) - LG
  • Aerylyn (The Magistress) - CN
  • Mayhem (Laugh Lord) - CG
  • Valorian (Sword of Honor) - LG
  • Monon (Nightglow, Goddess of the Moons) - N
  • Fayn (The Incomprehensible, The Question) - N
  • Malko (The Preserver) - NG
  • Jarba (The Rectifier) - LN
  • Slyke (The Sly, The Unseen, God of Thieves) - N

Friday, May 18, 2012

Jolie the Beautiful

My friend DB, drew this picture of the Goddess of Beauty, Jolie some years ago.  He found her again recently and I made a scan.

Here she is.  BTW, use the name "Jolie" dates back to 1988 and is based on the French I learned in HS.  No connection to a certain Angelina...  :)

Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Curious Answer...

The good folks at Wizards hosted a live chat on Weds to talk about 5e.

Here's a quote from Mike Mearls that made me scratch my head:

Hmmm... let's see. I've been DMing mostly, and the rules have changed a lot over the past few days. Probably the funniest thing was guest starring as a librarian in a playtest game at DDXP. Also, I got to test the DR rules when the players had to cut open a dead wererat's stomach to find a gem it had swallowed. That was not how I expected to test those rules.

OK, I've highlighted the part that seems strange to me.

Are they actually rolling dice to see if some character can cut open the stomach of a rat?  Are they actually rolling dice to see if they can find the gem that is inside said rat?


I'd love to know more.  I must be missing something here...

Drogo The Fat

My friend DB drew up this sketch of the haffi god, Drogo the Fat years ago.  I don't actually know when...

He found it recently and shared it with me, now I'm sharing it with you.  :)

Friday, May 11, 2012

This Just Isn't MY D&D

Saw this out on the blogosphere.  It's a list of characters (pregens) being played in a D&D Encounters 4e game.

  • Windsoul/Firesoul Genasi Assassin
  • Earthsoul Genasi Swordmage [Earthforger]
  • Firesoul Genasi Barbarian (Berserker) [Ironwrought]
  • Sandsoul Genasi Ranger (Hunter) [Unseelie Agent]
  • Elf Ranger (Scout)
OK, that last one I get. 

What the hell are those other characters?  What's a Genasi?  Are they playing in Talislanta now?

Just sayin...

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Adventuring Party Rescued from the Wilds of Eee'bhay

I have a saved search on eBay that looks for cool stuff for me.  One of those searches is "Grenadier Miniatures."

This morning, a lot of four minis popped up on my list so I gave it a look...
the caption includes "Female Thief, Female Mage, Rogue Adventurer and Barbarian Hero"

The packs looked to be in good condition, so I made the seller an offer on all four, which he accepted within two minutes.


These four adventurers will be arriving at my house sometime soon where they will be freed from their acrylic prisons.  They will be reunited at my game table as a party of NPC adventurers...

... their saga is just beginning!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

[1PD] Tesseract Prison of the Putrescent Lord

A bunch of really great folks volunteered to put together a multi-level megadungeon from a series of seven one-page dungeons.  The megadungeon is called "The Watery Palace of the Ooze Behemoth" and I look forward to pulling all seven levels together into a single PDF to share here.

Level 5 "The Pearly Spiral of Endless Hunger" can be found here at the Tower of the Archmage.  Thanks for participating David!

Other folks also participated, but I don't think they've shared their levels yet!  :)

My level is presented below.
You can download my level as a PDF here.