Tuesday, May 1, 2012

[1PD] Tesseract Prison of the Putrescent Lord

A bunch of really great folks volunteered to put together a multi-level megadungeon from a series of seven one-page dungeons.  The megadungeon is called "The Watery Palace of the Ooze Behemoth" and I look forward to pulling all seven levels together into a single PDF to share here.

Level 5 "The Pearly Spiral of Endless Hunger" can be found here at the Tower of the Archmage.  Thanks for participating David!

Other folks also participated, but I don't think they've shared their levels yet!  :)

My level is presented below.
You can download my level as a PDF here.


Boric Glanduum said...

Thanks for the reminder, Jim. Mine is now posted at my blog.
The Ebony Obelisk of the Snail Demon.

And thanks again for the unique challenge-within-a-challenge this year!

Jim said...

Thanks for playing along Boric!!