Sunday, March 7, 2021

My Ideal OSR Campaign Structure/Setting/Settings

 Hi there, it's me, back from a long hiatus... 

Anyway, I had a thought that I might assemble a series of blog posts where I ruminate upon my favorite bits of the OSR and Old School gaming.  Full Disclaimer: YMMV.  These are my thoughts alone.  I'm not looking to pick a fight, just try to assemble a "comprehensive" list of the favorite bits and tools and resources that I would use in an ideal campaign.  

To me, ideal means a campaign that is fully assembled -- not plotted or heavily structured -- but a campaign where all the pieces are organized (as much as possible) so the GM has all their resources at their fingertips.

Here's a starter list of all the things I'd like to identify as resources.  This list is under construction.  As posts are added, they will be hyperlinked here.

  • Outdoor/Wilderness Setting
    • Mapping
  • Primary City
  • Megadungeon(s)
    • Mapping Sources
  • NPC Generator
    • Henchmen/Hirelings
  • Random Tables
  • House Rules
    • Character Creation
    • Combat, etc.
    • Magic
    • Monsters
    • Downtime Rules
So that's where I'll start.  I hope you enjoy the series.