Thursday, June 28, 2012

$0.99 on eBay

Check out these minis I won for less than a buck on eBay.  Sure, there was about $4 shipping, but still...

Upper left, 40k Ork Warboss.  Below him, Gretchin.  :)

Middle top, Ogryn Imperial Guard with Ripper gun.  Niiiiiice!

Now, what's that PINK thing?  THAT is an AWESOME 40k Knight/Space Marine.  When I get him repainted, you will not believe how cool he is.  Seriously.

That space ship?  Dunno.  Anybody recognize it?

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

[Holy Humpday!] Phaze of Monon

MONON ( Nightglow )
Alignment:  N
Portfolio:  Moon, Agriculture
Requirements:  Wis 12,  Int 13,  must take Agriculture and Astrology NWPs
Weapons Allowed:  Sickle, Flail
Armor Allowed:  Leather, no shields
Major Spheres:  Plant, Sun, Weather, Animal
Minor Spheres:  Elemental, Healing, Necromancy
Magik Items Allowed:  Any not prohibited to priests, any which function exclusively at night or provide illumination

Granted Powers:

•  Phazes of Monon may see at night under a moonlit sky as if it were bright daylight.
•  Upon reaching 6th level, once per cycle of Khosos (21 days), the Phaze may Cure Lycanthropy.  The cure is permanent, but does not prevent reinfection.
•  Phazes of Monon are themselves immune to Lycanthropy.
•  At 9th level of ability, the Phaze may summon a Moon Dog (MM2 p.92) once every cycle of Celuna (14 days).  It can only be summoned at night, and will remain until dawn.

Other Notes:  •Phazes of Monon are dedicated to the preservation of the natural Whyrld and keeping a balance therein.  To this end, they find themselves well prepared to destroy monsters which would upset the natural balance, especially evil shapechangers such as werewolves, wererats, and dopplegangers.  •Phazes are quite often found among adventuring companies which operate primarily out of doors.  They are free to roam and do as they choose most of the year, but come planting time they feel compelled to return to their homelands and participate with their agrarian duties.  •Despite their opposite spheres the Henges of Monon and the Prism of Solon get along quite well.  They usually do not operate together however.  •Phazes of Monon dress primarily in leather armor with silver accents.  Their sickles are well used, both for combat and for agriculture, and as such tend to be durable and sturdy.  •Female Phazes wear an ornate necklace, called a Monek, during all ceremonies.  All of the various beads and strands on the Monek have specific meanings. 

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

DM Prep Page [7+8 of 9]

Page 7 comprises a randomized list of the Dungeon Dressing Tables from CotMA.

If you see a Dungeon Dressing entry on Page 6, you flip to the next page to see what the Dungeon Dressing is:

Within the Dungeon Dressing lists, you will sometimes find a Special Appendix IV Random Encounter.

When you do, you flip to Page 8.  I won't say much about these other than that they exist and they look a lot like the random tables above.  :)

I think that the best part of random tables like these are the patterns that emerge "from play".  As a DM, I could plan all this stuff deliberately, but where's the surprise (for me) in that?  When you discover these things at the same time as the players, questions start to percolate in your head.  The answers to these questions expand the game and are very exciting to me as a DM.
  • What WAS that mist?
  • What are all these pipes for?
  • Whose voices were those?
  • Why is there a pigeon in the dungeon?
  • Why are the wall scorched?
  • Where's the right boot?
  • Who is M.B.?
You get the idea...

Saturday, June 23, 2012

In Praise of Thrift

When I was young, much younger than I am now, I didn't have much money.  I was a poor college student.

I needed a way to store my Warhammer 40k army and so my industrious side cast about for resources I could use.  I was a server at a local Perkins restaurant.  They don't exist in AZ anymore.

I collected cheesecake boxes and 5x5 egg crates to use to protect and organize my army.  Recently, in my new job as Director of Technology Services, I have procured some foam padded boxes from HP and Apple batteries.  The egg carton/cheesecake boxes have to go.

This is a fond farewell to the cheap boxes that have kept and protected my Banecorp Space Marine army for so long.  24 years, in fact.  Amazing.

I used my old inkjet printer to create labels and an icon for my army.  :)
All the boxes stacked up before being consigned to the recycle bin.
I glued the egg carton inside the box.  The minis rattled around a bit, but if you were careful, nothing major went wrong.

Thank you Perkins.  You helped put me through college AND you helped keep my 40k Space Marines army alive and in (mostly) one piece.  Kudos!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

[Holy Humpday!] Oracle of Fayn

FAYN ( The Incomprehensible, The Question )
Alignment:  N
Portfolio:  Knowledge, Language, Art
Requirements:  Wis 15,  Int 15
Weapons Allowed:  Staff
Armor Allowed:  Robes
Major Spheres:  Astral, Charm, Divination, Summoning
Minor Spheres:  Healing, Guardian
Magik Items Allowed:  Any allowed to priests, written magikal items of any kind

Granted Powers:

•  Oracles of Fayn may speak, read, and write any human or demi-human tongue.
•  Oracles may cast Tongues and Comprehend Languages once each per day.
•  +4 on saving throws versus scroll spells and malicious writings and glyphs.  If no save is allowed, the Oracle may make a normal save with no bonus.
•  Oracles of Fayn may read wizard spells from scrolls but there is a chance of spell failure.  For the purpose of spell failure, treat the Oracle as a wizard of half his level, rounding down.

Other Notes:  •The Oracles of Fayn are charged with keeping the knowledge of all the Whyrld.  They are eager to learn all they can about everything and most people tend to believe that the Oracles are just plain nosey.  •They always carry on their persons a pouch which contains paper, ink, and writing instruments.  They often transcribe letters for the illiterate for only a few silver coins.  •The Oracles of Fayn are responsible for the Encyclopaedia Questonia, perhaps one of the most comprehensive works of general knowledge there is.  They update it every few years with an additional volume.  •Oracles are often privy to knowledge others may never hear, but because of a vow, they may share it with none who do not belong to their order.  •Oracles always dress in a simple tan vest which bears the symbol of Fayn over the heart.  They wear white linen shirts and square cut black trousers and boots.  Their hands are always spotted with spilled ink.  •The Oracles of Fayn have an intricate network of small shrines and churches from which they gain information throughout Queston.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Squa Tront

Well, whaddya know.  "Squa Tront" ISN'T just a throw-away phrase from one of my favorite episodes of "What's New".  See the bottom/left panel in page 1.
So, I'm reading some blogs and over at Cap'n's Comics, I see this --
Seems there was quite a run of these...  Whaddya know...  :)

[Map Monday] Brasston Commons

I was preparing to use this town/village in a campaign that never happened.  I downloaded the pics off the old Irony Games website along with their demographic data.

I put both pics and the data into a Word doc.

Here's a screenshot:

Here's a link to download the Word doc.  You can edit it however you'd like.  :)

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Generic Counters

I'm planning to build a "Convention Kit" or "Portable DM Kit" or whatever.  Basically a "single box" (this is defined vaguely for a reason) that I can grab and be ready to DM a game in my preferred style.

This idea is larval at this stage, so I don't really have too much to say about it yet.

Anyway, here's a bag of counters that *should* substitute for monsters, NPCs and possibly even PCs when I run a game using my "kit".
Multiple styles, colors, and roughly three sizes.
They all fit in this bag --

More to come!

DM Prep Page [6 of 9]

Page 6 is a page tied exclusively to the random encounter tables in CotMA.

I've cut and pasted and interlocked the encounter tables from within the module.  I've also used my "how long until a random encounter" matrix to fill in the dots on the left.

The characters explore the dungeon.  Each turn, I mark a dot.  When I run out of dots, I cross-reference the row I'm on with the column for the level they are currently exploring.

Presto!  Instant random encounter.

Here's a pic --

Here's a scan of a page with marked off dots -- (PS: this page is before I expanded the page to Level 8, but you'll get the idea...)

Another added benefit to this method is the way it sort of "outlines" the adventure...

For example, looking at the page above, the adventurers began on Level 1 and very quickly (1 turn) they encountered some Grimlocks.

They defeated them and over the course of an hour, the descended to Level 4 where they encountered a glowing bubble.

Shortly thereafter, they were attacked by a Flind warparty.

A couple of Gelatinous Cubes were encountered (something happened with one... maybe it was frozen or something...) but when the party hunkered down to rest in the dungeon, a group of Giant Centipedes skittered by.

Later on, they encountered some Black Puddings, found a room filled with damp pipes, and some more Black Puddings.  (With all these Black Puddings around, this might be the expedition when the Frostbrand of Errol was destroyed... that led to another series of quests...)

On their way out of the dungeon, they happened upon some Carrion Crawlers and then the Grinning Skull Orc Tribe.

Bottom line, this page allows for random encounters to happen automatically without any constraints on the players.  They just explore and as time passes, the random encounters happen.

An additional benefit I've just though of now would be to use what's happening on the unexplored levels as ideas for how the dungeon is evolving over time.

For example, The Grinning Skull Orcs appear once and Troglodytes appear three times during the expedition.  IF I WANTED to explain what might be happening on Level 1 during the time the adventurers were exploring, I might say that the Orcs and the Trogs had a confrontation.  Perhaps, even when the party was leaving the dungeon, the conflict might still have been raging.

Here's another pic:
Just an idea...

Saturday, June 16, 2012

DM Prep Page [5 of 9]

This is a simple page -- I use this page to track damage on monsters that the characters fight.

Each line is one (1) random d8.  The script draws a number of "0"s equal to the number.  If a monster is 3 HD, I just bracket the first three lines.  As damage is done, I mark off the circles.

Simple enough.
Here's one with a few marks on it --
This sheet represents six giant apes.  I think they attacked the characters in and around some pits.  Their jumping was useful to keep the characters off balance.

Two minotaurs were also fought.  Also five wereboars.  I use MageKnight figures, so they are often marked with Blue, Red and Yellow; hence the notes.

Oh, and a cockatrice.  :)

This particular episode marked the death of Karn, a human that was transformed into an ogre and subsequently rescued by the party.  He was killed a short time later before they could escort him to the surface.

Friday, June 15, 2012

DIY Rig for Priming Minis

I'm not an expert mini painter, but I do enjoy it.

I like to primer my minis; plastic or metal, with white or black flat spray paint.  I can usually get it for about $1 a can at my local hardware store.

Anyway, I built this rig out of a 2"x2" piece of scrap, 4 wood screws, 4 washers, 4 finish nails and 4 small binder clips.

I think you can see how it's made.

You attach the binder clips to the 2x2 using the wood screws.  The washers are there to keep the binder clips from slipping off.  The nails keep the binder clips from rotating.

Here are a few pics.

The binder clip has a good grip on classic lead bases like you see above. or on the "slot" part of a more modern "slottabase" mini.  

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you *might* recognize these four fine adventurers as the group I rescued from the Wilds of Eee'bhay.

I will be painting them up as an homage to these fine characters --
Of course, for a couple of these, the gender is reversed...  
If I had to do it all over again, I'd move the clips to the center of the 2x2 so that I could have a handle on each end of the scrap wood.  Some day, I still might do just that.  

I went ahead and moved the clips to the center of the board.  I added one; I'm up to five clips now.  Perfect for this squad of old school beakie lead Space Marines!
These guys are so cool.  I especially like the one with melta gun and plasma pistol.  :)

Thursday, June 14, 2012

DM Prep Page [4 of 9]

This page contains a WHOLE BUNCH OF RANDOM STUFF.  I found it out there on the interwebs and I made random tables out of it.  :)

Here's a look at the page:
Here's each section in detail:
This section contains a randomized version of Risus Monkey's DungeonWords.  That is an excellent resource if you've never seen it.  Go grab a copy!

Also some Tricks.  I think I pulled this list from -C's Tricks and Traps document as well as from the back of the 1st Ed. DMG.  -C has made an excellent document, go get it!

Next section:
A bunch of Disarms and Activations.  Don't remember where I pulled them.  :(

"What color is the potion?"
"What color are the runes?"

Here's your answer.  I'm almost positive I used Google Sets (now defunct) to generate these.

More Multi-part Disarms.  From where?  Not sure.  Sometimes I circle different parts on different lines and connect them like a flowchart, if I like that better or if that makes more sense to me.

Final quadrant:
A bunch of containers.  Good places to hide stuff.  :)  


What I typically do before sessions is I go out and get a little something to eat.  I have a Burger King and a Subway near my house, so those are the usual suspects. 

I grab my DM Pages and a pencil and I head out.

While I'm eating (just prior to the game) I will read through the random stuff that the sheets have on them.  I will circle items that strike my fancy.  These are some of the ideas that I have "pre-configured" in my head.  I will use these during the game IF the necessity arises.

Here's a copy of my (barely) marked up page.  Some days I'm more inspired than others.  :)
You can see that I've identified a multi-part Disarm that I like as well as a couple more ideas in the upper right.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Old School Orcs eBay Bargain!

Hey!  Lookee at these minis I just won on eBay for $0.99!  I'm not sure whether they are orcs or goblins -- I can't quite judge the scale and they haven't arrived yet.

Does anyone know what set they were in?  There's something familiar about these guys, but I can't quite place them!

Anonymous has shared that these are part of the "Orcs of the Severed Hand".  Thanks!!

[Holy Humpday!] Arcane of Aerylyn

AERYLYN ( The Magistress )
Alignment:  CN
Portfolio:  Magik, Wizards, Dragons
Requirements:  Int 14,  Wis 13
Weapons Allowed:  Staff, Dagger
Armor Allowed:  Robes
Major Spheres:  Charm, Elemental, Summoning
Minor Spheres:  Healing, Protection, Necromancy
Magik Items Allowed:  Any not prohibited to priests or wizards

Granted Powers:

•  Once per day, an Arcane of Aerylyn may Detect Magik.
•  At 8th level, Arcane of Aerylyn may Identify magikal items as a wizard of half their level.  They may do this once per day and once more for every two levels of experience beyond 8th.
•  Starting at 2nd level, Arcane may be granted Wizard spells of a single school as if they were wizards of half their level rounding down.  The school is chosen by the Arcane the first time he requests a wizard spell and is fixed thereafter.  The wizard spells take the place of a priest spell of the appropriate level.  Only spells which are common or very common may be requested by the Arcane.
•  Arcane gain a bonus of +2 on saving throws versus any sort of magik.

Other Notes:  •Aerylyn is the force all good and neutral mages revere, for she is the ultimate power source behind their spells.  •Arcane of Aerylyn are dedicated to the preservation of wizardry as an art.  They are responsible for keeping balance between the oppositional schools of wizardry.  And oppositional forces in magik.  They serve as mediators in all disputes between the schools.  They do not revere the politics or the wizards, but the magik itself.  •The Arcane (Arcane is both singular and plural) dress in ornate robes of a single, specific color for each school of magik specialization.  •The Arcane of Aerylyn do not have temples, but instead occupy an important part of the Wizard's Guild structure known as the Octoval, from which they dictate their decrees.  They are in charge of spell availability and the purse strings of the guild itself.  •They also have the additional responsibility of preventing one faction of wizardry from overtaking the rest.  •The first major test of their power was the Phantom Heresy. During this heresy, Illusionists tried to take over the Wizard's Guild.  The Octoval set forth decrees of secrecy within the school of Illusion and set their writings apart from the rest of the schools with the creation of their special language, Illspeak.  •Should the Octoval declare a wizard treasonous or heretical, an Arcane can be bestowed a special Curse, The Mortylomancy (it means "Death of all Magik"), which has the power to strip a specific wizard of his power.  This curse cannot be removed by dispel magik or remove curse, but only by decree of the Octoval.  The curse cannot and will not be bestowed to an Arcane of Aerylyn without the official decree of the Octoval.  •The reason Aerylyn has such fell creatures as Dragons in her portfolio is that legend states she created them during the Age of Magik.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Judges Guild Fantasy Game Aid Pack

Back in the day (I guess) Judges Guild made some of these bundles of books for bulk sale at game stores.

Here's the listing --

Here's the pack before I opened it --

I wish that I had only paid $15 for it, but all in all, I'm pretty happy with the purchase.  Fantastic Wilderlands Beyonde and Unknown Gods sometimes go for a pretty penny...

So, why did I buy it?

Someday (maybe in the near future) I want to run a campaign USING ONLY THESE MATERIALS, a retro-clone (maybe Swords and Wizardry) and whatever I think up to throw in the mix.

When I do, I think that I will approach the experience from the perspective of "the materials are always right."  I mean, there is some wonky stuff in these books, but if you just accept the strange and roll with it, I think that the players (and myself) will have a very unique and exciting experience.

I'd begin by assuming that the characters are 0th (or 1st) level nobodies.  Sons and daughters of farmers, merchants or laborers, who have decided to strike out into the world of adventure.  I'd probably pick a suitable location for Modron and use that as my base of operations.  There are four campaign maps within FWB, so I'd need to pick one as the backdrop for the game.

I've selected a few of the Unknown Gods for use in my current CotMA campaign, but, little by little I'd probably reveal some others to the characters during play.

I think that this combination is just the right bunch of stuff to form a solid basis for a game.  :)  I may be wrong, but I think it would be fun to try it!

Monday, June 11, 2012

DM Prep Page [2+3 of 9]

Originally, my 9 page DM Prep document was only 8 pages.  Recently, I had to retool my NPC names page because I was having trouble with Chris Pound's Name Generator.

Well, on a lark, I reached out to Chris and he gave me some helpful advice about linking to his page.  Suffice to say that I still have my alternate names page, but I like Chris's names A LOT better.  Here's a shot of that page:
Here's a closeup of the top section:
On the left, is a hyperlinked list of Chris's names from his site.  OpenOffice refreshes this list every 30 minutes and right when I launch the file.  This gives me a random list of names each time.  I have some RANDBETWEEN cells driving some VLOOKUP functions so that I get about 30 (?) different NPCs. Chris's generator has 250 names during each iteration, so I don't come close to using them all.

I honestly don't remember where I got the data for the other columns.  I found it online or I generated it myself or something.  I have some random scripts that drive that data too.

The bottom section looks a little different:
This section has a rumor that may or may not be true.  I don't remember where I found those lists either.  :(  Over a couple of weeks, I was pulling data off the interwebs and pouring it into the spreadsheet.  Then I set up all the random functions and viola!  DM Prep page.

Some random names that I've pulled off these lists that developed into NPCs in the game --

  • Uri the Bear -- a strong orc warrior that was charmed by Biata.  Served her well for a long time until he was killed.
  • Boltoff -- human mercenary, member of Red Faction and friend to Yuri.  He's not always been the most loyal, but he seems to have a healthy fear of Oryx, so he hasn't crossed the party.  Much.  
  • Brogan White-eye -- Blue Faction lieutenant that the party rescued from Gnolls on Level 6.  Has given them information in the past.  Seems like a fair minded fellow.
  • Sennett Silkhands -- Archmage at the Ravenport Wizards Guild, friend and occassional companion to Kalen.
  • Grim "Tinblade" Broadaxe -- dwarven weaponsmith.  Tasked with reforging the Frostbrand of Errol using the Everfrost.
  • Yuri the Seeker -- Former owner of a magical shield known as "The Bastion"
  • Gavril the Hawk -- elf.  Friend of...
  • Lathan Sapphiremoon -- also an elf.  Archer.  Romantic interest and clansman to Vera Diamondtree.
  • Endira of the Yellow Hand -- strange alien enforcer for the Arena Games on CotMA Level 4.  
Endira of the Yellow Hand
There are many more.   Having names and other details at your fingertips to choose from is very valuable.

[Map Monday] Fergum and Pandemon

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Make Them Earn It

I really like this post:

It's kinda the counterpoint to what I posted yesterday.

Thanks Nick!

That is all.

DM Prep Page [1 of 9]

I'm a highly improvisational DM.  I don't know if that's good or bad, but it's how I am and it's about all I can do.  The years of me spending hours and hours prepping for game night are long gone.  :)

In an effort to provide myself with "ideas" and "sparks" and other "triggers" for my improv use, I created a spreadsheet within OpenOffice.  In the next nine posts, I will show you an example page from the pages I print each week.

I hope you enjoy this little "look behind the screen" and I hope that you find it helpful, inspiring or at least interesting.

Page 1

Here's one (mostly) filled out --

This page has a background that I borrowed from Kellri, but I think he borrowed it from the AD&D Coloring Book.  

I set the graphic up as a background on the spreadsheet page and then I added the text elements into the cells on top.  This page has evolved a great deal since I started using it.  Originally, it was two pages and I had elements that I rarely used and those were taking up valuable real estate on the page.

Here's an example of the old sheet --

Eventually, I realized that I also needed a space to track the going price for things that the PCs buy, so that I can reference them again in the future.  (I usually make these up on the spot).

NPC interactions and Plot Developments are important to track, as well as WHO played that night, since my table is "open".  

The "Time Log" moved to a later page (I'll explain that later).  

I think I had trouble differentiating in my mind the difference between Plot Points/Campaign Events and Adventure Highlights, so collapsing those sections made sense.

Since I track Monster HP/Wounds on another page, the Monsters Defeated section could go too.

Originally the WHOLE DM Page was just the front and back of a single sheet.  That's quite elegant and streamlined.  It would be my "ideal" if I could pull it off.  I'm working on it.  :)

Saturday, June 9, 2012

A Treatise on Why I Don't Like 4e

Please note that I am expressing my personal opinion here.  Mine.  I'm not telling ANYONE who likes 4e that they shouldn't like 4e.  Go for it!  If you are having fun then keep doing it!  Please!  :)

I just read this post this morning and I think it epitomizes FOR ME why I DON'T LIKE or enjoy 4e.

The author has written a very good post and I'm sure that his advice and ideas will be useful to 4e DMs.  This IS NOT a criticism of him.  In fact, you could consider my calling his article out a compliment!  He has created an excellent summary that I think cuts to the very core of why 4e doesn't do it for me.

So, a heartfelt thanks goes out to Ameron.  Sincerely.  Your post articulates exactly why I don't like 4e and I very much enjoyed reading it.  :)

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Cityographer Kickstarter

Joe Wetzel of Dungeonographer, Hexographer, DungeonMorph Dice (!) fame is Kickstarting a City Generator.

Here are a couple pictures of his sample output.  He's still working to make the product even more sophisticated, but I think these are really good!

The product is going to have a lot of features and the ability to randomize and/or select features of the city, making your maps very customizable.  From the Kickstarter page --

More than just map software!
Do your players ever take a game session in a different direction and you need a quick city or village?  Or maybe you want to cut down on your game's prep time by getting some help creating some of the cities or villages in your game's setting?  (Whether you want the system to do 90% of the work or just 20%--customize the results as much as you want.)
Cityographer is the perfect solution for these situations!  You set some preferences for the city you want (technology level, population size, whether the city has a river, if it is on the coast, etc.) on a setup screen and it will randomly generate an entire village or city for you.  (You can also start with a blank map/city.)
Not only will the program generate the city's map, but it will generate simple floorplans of the buildings, and each building's residents and any important belongings.  If the building is a business you'll also get a list of the staff and a menu or price list of products available.Further, everything and anything can be fully or individually re-generated or hand edited!  So if you don't like the whole city, just start over.  But if you simply don't like the placement of a few buildings, move them or delete them and add new ones.  If you don't like a particular building just regenerate it or an aspect of it.  For example if the building is an inn, regenerate it or regenerate just the staff or just the price list or hand edit any particular item!
I've posted a lot recently about cities because, for me, they are much more difficult to design than dungeons or even floorplans.  This product is going to make that process a lot easier and more fun!

If you are interested in this kind of map generator, I would encourage you to go over to the Kickstarter and give it a look!

Go here to view the Kickstarter

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

[Holy Humpday!] Quester of Valorian

VALORIAN ( Sword of Honor )
Alignment:  LG
Portfolio:  Honor, Valor
Requirements:  Wis 13,  Str 16;  Questers of Valorian may have exceptional Strength
Weapons Allowed:  Sword, Lance, Battle Axe
Armor Allowed:  Any
Major Spheres:  Sun, Summoning
Minor Spheres:  Healing, Necromancy, Elemental, Charm
Magik Items Allowed:  Any not prohibited to priests, Magikal Weapons and Armor of allowed types

Granted Powers:

•  Questers of Valorian may Detect Evil once per day.
•  Upon reaching 4th level, Questers may Dispel Evil as the Priest spell of the same name once per day.
•  Total Immunity to Quest and Geas spells is gained upon reaching 7th level.
•  At any time a Quester of Valorian may declare that he is 'crusading' against some foe or evil creature.  While the Quester is earnestly pursuing this 'crusade' he gains a bonus of +2 to his Armor Class, Saving Throws, and To Hit and Damage.  If he ceases crusading, he is penalized by the same amount, and  will receive no spells beyond first or second level, until he regains the favor of Valorian by performing some exceptional deed of valor.
•  Questers of Valorian gain a bonus of +2 to all saving throws versus spells and spell-like effects cast by evil creatures.  This includes the breath weapons of evil dragons.

Other Notes:  •The Questers of Valorian are noted as being a single minded and stubborn bunch.  Once they set their mind to a goal, in general, they will pursue it unto completion or death.  They work quite often in tandem with Paladins of their order.  They get on quite well with the Equalizers of Jarba the Rectifier.  •Questers of Valorian oppose the Renders of Thrun the Destroyer as well as just about every other evil temple or cult.  •The Questers of Valorian dress much like the Paladins of their order, that is in the best armor they can afford.  This is quite often Plate Armor and Shield.  Their helmets are always  adorned with a single tall plume of white feathers and they always wear white cloaks or capes.  They adorn their armor in many different ways with their holy symbol.  •Valorian has major temples in many cities throughout Queston.  There are typically only a few Questers assigned to each temple, and it is a generally militaristic order.  Paladins play an important part in the temple hierarchy.