Sunday, June 17, 2012

Generic Counters

I'm planning to build a "Convention Kit" or "Portable DM Kit" or whatever.  Basically a "single box" (this is defined vaguely for a reason) that I can grab and be ready to DM a game in my preferred style.

This idea is larval at this stage, so I don't really have too much to say about it yet.

Anyway, here's a bag of counters that *should* substitute for monsters, NPCs and possibly even PCs when I run a game using my "kit".
Multiple styles, colors, and roughly three sizes.
They all fit in this bag --

More to come!


Nick said...

Holy crap, that is way cool.

Why didn't I think of that?

Frank said...

I have a little fishing tackle box (3"x5"x2" or so) that is double sided. One side has lots of 1"x1/2" (or so) compartments each of which will hold about 10 1/2" counters. That side has a variety of counters in various colors numbered 1-10 (2 colors?), 1-20 91 color), and 1-50 (1 color) and a few other random counters (some in one 1"x1" compartment). The other side has three larger compartments and has been used to hold PC counters, horse counters (from the Battle System) and a few other bits (including a plastic campfire from an old 1/35 scale model tank kit).

I have other boxes with other counters, but that kit can supply counters for a lot of gaming.


Jim said...

@Nick -- thanks for the compliment. As I put this thing together, I'll post more updates.
@Frank -- Wow! Great ideas. I also have a copy of BattleSystem around here... I'll need to dig through it and see what I'd like to salvage. :)