Thursday, June 14, 2012

DM Prep Page [4 of 9]

This page contains a WHOLE BUNCH OF RANDOM STUFF.  I found it out there on the interwebs and I made random tables out of it.  :)

Here's a look at the page:
Here's each section in detail:
This section contains a randomized version of Risus Monkey's DungeonWords.  That is an excellent resource if you've never seen it.  Go grab a copy!

Also some Tricks.  I think I pulled this list from -C's Tricks and Traps document as well as from the back of the 1st Ed. DMG.  -C has made an excellent document, go get it!

Next section:
A bunch of Disarms and Activations.  Don't remember where I pulled them.  :(

"What color is the potion?"
"What color are the runes?"

Here's your answer.  I'm almost positive I used Google Sets (now defunct) to generate these.

More Multi-part Disarms.  From where?  Not sure.  Sometimes I circle different parts on different lines and connect them like a flowchart, if I like that better or if that makes more sense to me.

Final quadrant:
A bunch of containers.  Good places to hide stuff.  :)  


What I typically do before sessions is I go out and get a little something to eat.  I have a Burger King and a Subway near my house, so those are the usual suspects. 

I grab my DM Pages and a pencil and I head out.

While I'm eating (just prior to the game) I will read through the random stuff that the sheets have on them.  I will circle items that strike my fancy.  These are some of the ideas that I have "pre-configured" in my head.  I will use these during the game IF the necessity arises.

Here's a copy of my (barely) marked up page.  Some days I'm more inspired than others.  :)
You can see that I've identified a multi-part Disarm that I like as well as a couple more ideas in the upper right.

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Dan said...

These DM Page posts are great. Nice work, Jim.