Wednesday, June 27, 2012

[Holy Humpday!] Phaze of Monon

MONON ( Nightglow )
Alignment:  N
Portfolio:  Moon, Agriculture
Requirements:  Wis 12,  Int 13,  must take Agriculture and Astrology NWPs
Weapons Allowed:  Sickle, Flail
Armor Allowed:  Leather, no shields
Major Spheres:  Plant, Sun, Weather, Animal
Minor Spheres:  Elemental, Healing, Necromancy
Magik Items Allowed:  Any not prohibited to priests, any which function exclusively at night or provide illumination

Granted Powers:

•  Phazes of Monon may see at night under a moonlit sky as if it were bright daylight.
•  Upon reaching 6th level, once per cycle of Khosos (21 days), the Phaze may Cure Lycanthropy.  The cure is permanent, but does not prevent reinfection.
•  Phazes of Monon are themselves immune to Lycanthropy.
•  At 9th level of ability, the Phaze may summon a Moon Dog (MM2 p.92) once every cycle of Celuna (14 days).  It can only be summoned at night, and will remain until dawn.

Other Notes:  •Phazes of Monon are dedicated to the preservation of the natural Whyrld and keeping a balance therein.  To this end, they find themselves well prepared to destroy monsters which would upset the natural balance, especially evil shapechangers such as werewolves, wererats, and dopplegangers.  •Phazes are quite often found among adventuring companies which operate primarily out of doors.  They are free to roam and do as they choose most of the year, but come planting time they feel compelled to return to their homelands and participate with their agrarian duties.  •Despite their opposite spheres the Henges of Monon and the Prism of Solon get along quite well.  They usually do not operate together however.  •Phazes of Monon dress primarily in leather armor with silver accents.  Their sickles are well used, both for combat and for agriculture, and as such tend to be durable and sturdy.  •Female Phazes wear an ornate necklace, called a Monek, during all ceremonies.  All of the various beads and strands on the Monek have specific meanings. 

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