Thursday, June 7, 2012

Cityographer Kickstarter

Joe Wetzel of Dungeonographer, Hexographer, DungeonMorph Dice (!) fame is Kickstarting a City Generator.

Here are a couple pictures of his sample output.  He's still working to make the product even more sophisticated, but I think these are really good!

The product is going to have a lot of features and the ability to randomize and/or select features of the city, making your maps very customizable.  From the Kickstarter page --

More than just map software!
Do your players ever take a game session in a different direction and you need a quick city or village?  Or maybe you want to cut down on your game's prep time by getting some help creating some of the cities or villages in your game's setting?  (Whether you want the system to do 90% of the work or just 20%--customize the results as much as you want.)
Cityographer is the perfect solution for these situations!  You set some preferences for the city you want (technology level, population size, whether the city has a river, if it is on the coast, etc.) on a setup screen and it will randomly generate an entire village or city for you.  (You can also start with a blank map/city.)
Not only will the program generate the city's map, but it will generate simple floorplans of the buildings, and each building's residents and any important belongings.  If the building is a business you'll also get a list of the staff and a menu or price list of products available.Further, everything and anything can be fully or individually re-generated or hand edited!  So if you don't like the whole city, just start over.  But if you simply don't like the placement of a few buildings, move them or delete them and add new ones.  If you don't like a particular building just regenerate it or an aspect of it.  For example if the building is an inn, regenerate it or regenerate just the staff or just the price list or hand edit any particular item!
I've posted a lot recently about cities because, for me, they are much more difficult to design than dungeons or even floorplans.  This product is going to make that process a lot easier and more fun!

If you are interested in this kind of map generator, I would encourage you to go over to the Kickstarter and give it a look!

Go here to view the Kickstarter

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