Monday, June 11, 2012

DM Prep Page [2+3 of 9]

Originally, my 9 page DM Prep document was only 8 pages.  Recently, I had to retool my NPC names page because I was having trouble with Chris Pound's Name Generator.

Well, on a lark, I reached out to Chris and he gave me some helpful advice about linking to his page.  Suffice to say that I still have my alternate names page, but I like Chris's names A LOT better.  Here's a shot of that page:
Here's a closeup of the top section:
On the left, is a hyperlinked list of Chris's names from his site.  OpenOffice refreshes this list every 30 minutes and right when I launch the file.  This gives me a random list of names each time.  I have some RANDBETWEEN cells driving some VLOOKUP functions so that I get about 30 (?) different NPCs. Chris's generator has 250 names during each iteration, so I don't come close to using them all.

I honestly don't remember where I got the data for the other columns.  I found it online or I generated it myself or something.  I have some random scripts that drive that data too.

The bottom section looks a little different:
This section has a rumor that may or may not be true.  I don't remember where I found those lists either.  :(  Over a couple of weeks, I was pulling data off the interwebs and pouring it into the spreadsheet.  Then I set up all the random functions and viola!  DM Prep page.

Some random names that I've pulled off these lists that developed into NPCs in the game --

  • Uri the Bear -- a strong orc warrior that was charmed by Biata.  Served her well for a long time until he was killed.
  • Boltoff -- human mercenary, member of Red Faction and friend to Yuri.  He's not always been the most loyal, but he seems to have a healthy fear of Oryx, so he hasn't crossed the party.  Much.  
  • Brogan White-eye -- Blue Faction lieutenant that the party rescued from Gnolls on Level 6.  Has given them information in the past.  Seems like a fair minded fellow.
  • Sennett Silkhands -- Archmage at the Ravenport Wizards Guild, friend and occassional companion to Kalen.
  • Grim "Tinblade" Broadaxe -- dwarven weaponsmith.  Tasked with reforging the Frostbrand of Errol using the Everfrost.
  • Yuri the Seeker -- Former owner of a magical shield known as "The Bastion"
  • Gavril the Hawk -- elf.  Friend of...
  • Lathan Sapphiremoon -- also an elf.  Archer.  Romantic interest and clansman to Vera Diamondtree.
  • Endira of the Yellow Hand -- strange alien enforcer for the Arena Games on CotMA Level 4.  
Endira of the Yellow Hand
There are many more.   Having names and other details at your fingertips to choose from is very valuable.

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