Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Old School Orcs eBay Bargain!

Hey!  Lookee at these minis I just won on eBay for $0.99!  I'm not sure whether they are orcs or goblins -- I can't quite judge the scale and they haven't arrived yet.

Does anyone know what set they were in?  There's something familiar about these guys, but I can't quite place them!

Anonymous has shared that these are part of the "Orcs of the Severed Hand".  Thanks!!


Anonymous said...

Grenadier, Orcs of the severed hand.

Jim said...

@Anonymous -- Thanks for the info! Very much appreciated!

Anonymous said...

Those are probably my favorite orc minis. I'm afraid you're missing the guys with the spear, maul, and the leader with the hook, eye patch, and saber!

Grenadier also released a blister pack with a few more orcs in this style (Fantasy Lords 109) which I've never been able to find for sale. :(

I think they may be John Dennett sculpts.

Lounge Lizard Kev said...

I really love the old school minis. Got a fat pile of the old Ral Partha stuff, but mostly it sits in boxes in the cupboard with the crappy paintjobs I gave them back in the 90s, now that the favoured scale has shifted from 25mm to the larger 28/30mm thanks to GW and Reaper. I do still use a lot of my old Orcs though, because they don't look too bad alongside GW's Lord of the Rings Orcs, which see a fair bit of use in my campaigns as hobgoblins.