Saturday, June 23, 2012

In Praise of Thrift

When I was young, much younger than I am now, I didn't have much money.  I was a poor college student.

I needed a way to store my Warhammer 40k army and so my industrious side cast about for resources I could use.  I was a server at a local Perkins restaurant.  They don't exist in AZ anymore.

I collected cheesecake boxes and 5x5 egg crates to use to protect and organize my army.  Recently, in my new job as Director of Technology Services, I have procured some foam padded boxes from HP and Apple batteries.  The egg carton/cheesecake boxes have to go.

This is a fond farewell to the cheap boxes that have kept and protected my Banecorp Space Marine army for so long.  24 years, in fact.  Amazing.

I used my old inkjet printer to create labels and an icon for my army.  :)
All the boxes stacked up before being consigned to the recycle bin.
I glued the egg carton inside the box.  The minis rattled around a bit, but if you were careful, nothing major went wrong.

Thank you Perkins.  You helped put me through college AND you helped keep my 40k Space Marines army alive and in (mostly) one piece.  Kudos!


Trey said...

Great story. :)

I can't recall where the past place I saw a Perkins was. Colorado, maybe?

Tenkar said...

When I'm up in the Poconos i go to one near Scranton, PA.

Martin R. Thomas said...

So funny - I was just reading a 40k post by The RPG Corner this morning and then saw yours. Total coincidence - I also posted about 40k last night, including some pictures of my custom Space Marine Chapter, on my blog, Daddy Rolled a 1.

As @Trey said - great story! I have tons of make-shift stuff like this that I've used over the years to hold my games, dice, and other stuff. My 40k minis are now in an old plastic turning watch display case that my buddy rescued from a grocery store's trash bin, but of course that's not really mobile.

I also I think that we had a Perkin's restaurant up in Northern California, or maybe Nevada, when I was a kid.