Sunday, May 6, 2012

Adventuring Party Rescued from the Wilds of Eee'bhay

I have a saved search on eBay that looks for cool stuff for me.  One of those searches is "Grenadier Miniatures."

This morning, a lot of four minis popped up on my list so I gave it a look...
the caption includes "Female Thief, Female Mage, Rogue Adventurer and Barbarian Hero"

The packs looked to be in good condition, so I made the seller an offer on all four, which he accepted within two minutes.


These four adventurers will be arriving at my house sometime soon where they will be freed from their acrylic prisons.  They will be reunited at my game table as a party of NPC adventurers...

... their saga is just beginning!


Gothridge Manor said...

Great find and names sent in.

Dave Bargman said...

I see a story in where a group of adventurers in the Dungeon of the Mad Archmage free this group of 4 from their Time Frozen Prison of Clear Amber, maybe without the adventurers even knowing they did it. This Time lost group might not even realize they they were even trapped and continue on their original quest... to explore and plunder the Dungeon themselves. This Lost group were actually powerful bunch and then become a dangerous NPC group of rivals to the adventurers that freed them.

This could be a great storyline element Jim... It adds a "race" twist. We have only had to fear the dungeon itself (which is a big obstacle), but so far, we have been alpha-dogs in the plundering. What if we had competition?

As for Names? What if they are actually a FAMILY? How about the "Guantlet's" as a nod to the classic video game? Grefir Gauntlet the Ranger, Glothia Gauntlet the Mage, Gryftr Gauntlet the Thief, and Githe Gauntlet the Barbarian.