Wednesday, May 30, 2012

[Holy Humpday!] Curate of Malko

MALKO ( The Preserver )
Alignment:  NG
Portfolio:  Healing, Destruction of Undead, Lightning
Requirements:  Wis 14,  Con 14
Weapons Allowed:  Any Blunt Weapon
Armor Allowed:  Ring Mail, Scale Mail, Chain Mail, No Shields
Major Spheres:  Healing, Necromancy, Charm, Sun, Any Lightning Spells
Minor Spheres:  Protection, Divination
Magik Items Allowed:  Any not prohibited to priests, Javelins of Lightning, Hammer of Thunderbolts

Granted Powers:

•  Curates of  Malko may turn undead at two levels higher.
•  Curates of  Malko gain the Thunderhammer at 4th level.  The Thunderhammer may be called down once per day outdoors from a cloudy sky.  The Thunderhammer may be thrown to a range of 15" with a +4 bonus to hit.  It may be thrown once for every two levels of experience of the Curate.  It causes 2-12+4 points of damage to the target on a successful hit.  Upon scoring a successful hit, the hammer causes a  tremendously loud thunderclap, hence the name.  The victim may save for half damage.  The Thunderhammer causes double damage to undead creatures and they save at -3.
•  Curates of  Malko gain a +2 bonus on all saves concerning undead and their powers.
•  Curates of  Malko are bestowed the following spells as if they were one rank lower;  Slow Poison, Cure Serious Wounds, Cure Critical Wounds, Heal, Cure Blindness, Cure Deafness, Cure Disease, Negative Plane Protection, Raise Dead, Regenerate, Restoration, Resurrection, Remove Curse, Remove Paralysis, Protection From Evil 10' Radius, Protection From Lightning, Dispel Evil
•  All Healing spells cast by Curates of  Malko gain the benefit of an additional 1-8+4 points of effect.

Other Notes:  •Curates of Malko are ascetic men and women who have dedicated their lives to helping others.  The health and well being of others is their main concern.  Most Curates spend their lives working within the villages and towns of Queston, rendering aid to the less fortunate and impoverished.  •They violently oppose the followers of Girgun the Putrifier, as well as cults devoted to Orcus.  •Curates of Malko dress simply in robes of a single color, usually brown, black, or blue.  They carry the symbol of their order around their necks on a silver chain or atop a staff which serves dually as a weapon.  •Most Curates dwell within small communities around Queston, while still others travel between very rural areas.  These 'circuit priests' typically spend one to three days per month in a single community before moving on to the next.  Nearly every major city in the Fyrkingdom has a large temple to Malko, and it is the temple in Fyrkeep itself which holds the holiest of objects, the Lifestones.  These are the only objects capable of Raising or Ressurecting the dead.

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