Monday, May 21, 2012

[Map Monday] iG-Tools

Let me start by saying, man, I miss this site.  Here's the archive if you'd like to see what you missed.

My favorite part was the 3D villages.

Back in 2005 (?) the site just stopped working and all the precious resources just vanished.  I thought that I had a bunch of these villages on my hard drive, but I can only find one.

Galburg #95.

I renamed and repurposed it as Farthington.

The thing I loved about these maps was the 3D map that perfectly matched the 2D map of the village.  I think there was a village key too, but I can't find that.

Here's Galburg Farthington.  Enjoy!

PS: If you know how to randomly generate village maps that look like this.  I'd pay for a Java app that can do this.  :)

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