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[Holy Humpday!] Anarch of Mayhem

Thus begins an ongoing series of posts.  Until I run out, I will post one "specialty priest" from my Queston Campaign world each week.  I'm posting them "as is," which means they might be incomplete or really crappy.  I wrote these up about 20 years ago.  :)

In Queston, the priests of Mayhem are called Anarchs.  I had a couple of great PC Anarchs in my game, Sondor Lawbender and Calidor Darkblade.

Here's a write-up that describes Mayhem and his clerics.  Houseruled 2nd Ed. AD&D.
MAYHEM ( Laugh Lord )

Alignment:  CG
Portfolio:  Freedom, humor, laughter
Requirements:  Any one attribute above 15;  Spell bonus based upon this attribute
Weapons Allowed:  Any
Armor Allowed:  Any
Major Spheres:  All
Minor Spheres:  None
Magik Items Allowed:  Any not restricted only to another class

Granted Powers:

•  Anarchs of Mayhem may Taunt their enemies once per day as the wizard spell of the same name.  It seems they always know what to say to provoke a fight.
•  At third level Anarchs of Mayhem may stand up in front of a crowd and begin to tell amusing stories and jokes to them.  If the crowd understands the Anarch, this is similar in effect to the Enthrall spell.  They may do this once per day.  At the end of the routine, the crowd typically has a favorable reaction toward the Anarch and his party unless their alignments are drastically different.
•  At 7th level an Anarch of Mayhem may cast the spell Free Action upon himself or another once per day with a duration of 1-6 hours.
•  Anarchs of Mayhem gain a bonus of +2 to any saving throw, versus spells such as Hold Person and Slow.  In fact this bonus is gained versus any spell or spell-like effect which hampers movement or immobilizes the Anarch.
•  Each and every Anarch upon reaching fourth to ninth level is typically bestowed a spell unique to that Anarch.  The spell is usually first or second rank and the effects vary widely.

Other Notes:  •Anarchs of Mayhem have the reputation of being stalwart opponents of tyranny and oppression.  They have fought many battles against vicious overlords and evil monarchs.  They currently focus a lot of their attention on the terrible conditions found in the Empiracy.  •Anarchs fervently oppose the Skulls of Morbus.  •Anarchs also have the reputation of being quite funny and never, ever losing their sense of humor.  They have a gift for always finding the bright side of a bad situation.  Bad puns abound.  •Anarchs typically dress in an astounding variety of mismatched clothing and armor.  They have an interesting perception of aesthetic taste (some would say no taste at all).  The colors they favor are purple, green, orange, and red.  They are quiet a motley group and no two Anarchs look or dress alike.  They wear their symbol out in the open and often decorate their shields with it.  If they didn't everyone would recognize them anyway  •Anarchs quite often receive a random assortment of spells from Mayhem, instead of their spells of choice.  •Mayhem has few major temples and requires no temple service from any of his Anarchs, but a rare few choose to venerate their deity in this way.

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