Saturday, May 19, 2012

Godsymbols - Good

In my Queston AD&D Campaign of old, I had a pantheon of Good gods and Evil gods (well, demons really)

Each god had a "specialty priest" type associated with it.  Eventually, I'll post those here.

Here's a pictorial map of the "Good" deities.

I designed these on my Mac-128 using MacPaint in about 1984 or 1985.   I designed them to print to my dot-matrix printer, so no color.  I printed them at one point and "colorized" them using markers... Maybe I'll scan that sometime...

The big symbol is the larger (more complicated -- HA!) holy symbol.  The smaller symbol is a kind of "sigil" associated with the deity.

From the top, then left to right, the deities are:
  • Solon (The Illuminate, The Sungod) - LG
  • Aerylyn (The Magistress) - CN
  • Mayhem (Laugh Lord) - CG
  • Valorian (Sword of Honor) - LG
  • Monon (Nightglow, Goddess of the Moons) - N
  • Fayn (The Incomprehensible, The Question) - N
  • Malko (The Preserver) - NG
  • Jarba (The Rectifier) - LN
  • Slyke (The Sly, The Unseen, God of Thieves) - N

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Keith Davies said...

I would be hard-pressed to say where, but I remember seeing a supplement where they talked about holy symbols of varying complexity.

Consider the Christian cross. In it's common form it is a simple cross. More ornate forms might be ornamented, engraved, have a representation of Christ, and so on. On the other hand, if you need to two sticks tied together (such as for a grave site on the trail) could be sufficient.