Monday, June 20, 2011

Grymjaw, the baddest axe you'll ever see

Back in the day, my buddy Norm and I used to do a bunch of "solo" or "one-player" gaming.  He would run adventures for a hero of mine and I would run for him.

I've already mentioned how I left one of his characters in limbo after a fall down a slide...

Well, after UNEARTHED ARCANA came out, I wanted to play a barbarian, so, I made up Grym.  If I ever find a copy of Grym, I'll post him too.

Well, Grym didn't start at 1st level, I think he was 4th.  Norm said that I could have a magic weapon and I parlayed that into designing one specifically for Grym.

The result was Grymjaw.

I was a big fan of THE SWORD AND THE SORCERER.  If you don't know, the hero in that movie has a really cool sword.  Watch the clip --

Another weapon, JART, was based upon this sword.  Read about it here.

I designed Grymjaw to have similar properties, but I turned it up to 11.  Here are some pics for your gaming pleasure.  Maybe one of the characters in your game deserves a real "badaxe" weapon...  LOL!

Download Grymjaw here as PDF

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