Monday, June 6, 2011

Remix the Dungeon

I subscribe to a lot of blogs.  One is Thingiverse.  I really, REALLY would love to have a 3D printer -- so much I could do with THAT.

Anyway, yesterday there was a post entitled "Remix Everything" and I realized that this is EXACTLY what I do in my games.  You probably do too.  We OSRians have been remixing for some time now.

Here are a few pics to illustrate how I "Remix" all the time.
A - plastic toy from Dexter's Laboratory -- think it came in a Happy Meal.  Perfect for Mad Scientists/Mage's lab
B - Gronckles dragon from How to Train your Dragon
C - Heroscape Mini (Marro warrior of some kind)  See Hydrospawn
D - V.V. Argost from "Secret Saturdays" has been glued to plastic disk, is now Uuthak the Obscure in my CotMA game
E - Bathalian mini from Reaper (this is the "normal" thing you'd use)  :)
F - Star Wars mech/droid mini.  I've used this as a deadly construct along the lines of Matt Finch's Amphorons of Yothri
G - Strange Japanese die from dice game.  Repurposed as dragon headed altar.
H - Rubbery mice from Walmart at Halloween.  They are about $1 per dozen.
J - Wooden egg from Michaels, now the Regen-O-Pod
K - Jenga blocks -- good for EVERYTHING

Below is a picture of just SOME of the books that I frequently pull off my shelves for use during my games.  There are many, many, many more, but I ran out of floor.  

Books (top to bottom, left to right -- in no particular order)

Michael's Dungeon Alphabet, JG Verbosh, Moldvay Basic, Cook/Marsh Expert, DMG 1st Ed., OSRIC, -C's Tricks, Jeff's Miscellaneum of Cinder, Al's Beyond the BTBG Compendium 2009, Matt's Quick Primer on Old School Gaming, Philotomy's Musings, Hill Canton's Compendium, S&W Whitebox, One Million Magic Items, Al's BTBG Compendium 2010, Tome of the Spider Mage (Thanks to Gavin at The City of Iron), Chgowiz's S&W Reference Sheets, Jeff's Ye Olde Book of Spells, JD's Dungeoneer Cache tables, LOTFP, Random Fantasy Adventure Generator, Matt's Pars Fortuna, S&W Quickstart, The Wilderness Alphabet (by me), Roger's Varlets and Vermin, and Matt's City Encounters.


If you aren't pulling stuff from about thirty-seven different books, you probably aren't trying hard enough.  :)


scottsz said...

Very cool. Love the remixed minis!

Needles said...

Blair over at Planet Algol has talked about this. This idea might also work for science fiction gaming as well. I've got to print out those greater demons of yours. Awesome post!

Lounge Lizard Kev said...

You might wanna check out Jim. It's the next best thing to owning a 3d printer.

Jim said...

@scottz -- thanks!
@Needles -- I'll have to look for those Algol posts!
@Kev -- thanks for the tip. Have you used them?

Lounge Lizard Kev said...

Not yet... I've been waiting until I have something worth printing out. Had some plans but I've been tied up doing the whole papercraft thing.