Saturday, June 18, 2011

DIY Dungeon Master's Screen

A long time ago, I purchased a TMNT game at a dollar store.  It had some cool dice with stickers you could use... and it  had this nearly square 6 segment game board.

So, one day, I was looking at that gameboard and I thought -- "I could just make one cut and I'd have two 3 panel DM screens..."


Some trimmed sheet protectors, 2-sided tape and a little gorilla tape later and I had one 6-panel DM screen.

Then I got out a little Mod Podge and laser printed some art...  Here's the result.
on the left panel, I've removed one page.  You can see the TMNT gameboard...

Sorry the pics are blurry -- damn crappy cellphone camera...  :(


Todd said...

I wanted to build a screen for a while now but was struggling with cardboard - didn't think of using old boardgame boards - great idea.

Jeff Rients said...


Carter Soles said...

I have been meaning to build a custom screen as well, but since I DM my group via Skype (they're on the West Coast, I'm in NY), there hasn't been much pressing need.

Your screen looks cool, though, despite the blurry pics.