Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Monster Book Word Cloud and Update

I've been working diligently to finish the Massive Monograph of Malignant Malefactors during my June vacation.  Whew.  No way that's gonna happen.  :(

This is a project that has (dare I say) a terrible case of mission creep.

What began as a reformat with the addition of morale and treasure type, has now blossomed into a massive tome that I hope will become the be-all, end-all of monster books... and it will be FREE!

I'm adding --

  • Some Gygaxian Naturalism where the muse strikes me
  • Two new stats that will modify combat and monster behavior
    • BB -- Badly Beaten
    • MD -- Mostly Dead
  • My "Hits" system with supporting rules
  • Adventure hooks for some monsters (once again, the muse...)
  • A "random d6" system for modifying some individual monsters at the encounter and/or adventure planning level (muse, muse)
  • Some sample lairs built from genuine Risus Monkey (!) gemorphs
  • Treasure Tables from Mithril and Mages (!)
  • Revised Encounter Tables
  • Tons and tons of new* monsters
  • Art!  (PS: if you are an artist and would like to donate some art to this effort, please leave a comment and an email address.  You will retain all copyright to your art.  It will be included in the print and PDF versions of this book (print will be available at cost and PDF for free)
* new is defined as new-new or new to the book (culled from other OGL sources and newly included).

In short, there's gonna be a lot of good stuff in this book when I finally get it done.  Seriously.  

While you are waiting, here's a word cloud generated using Tagxedo that you might enjoy.  It is based on the original text from the 0e Monster Book by Matt Finch and company.

click to embiggen

More exciting news and sample pages to come!

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