Monday, June 13, 2011

It's a bitch being thorough...


I don't normally do this kind of post.  I like to keep things light, hopefully interesting, and generally excuse free.

I decided I had to post this because there is probably a small group of folks out there who are beginning to believe that the Massive Monograph of Malignant Malefactors (MMMM) is vaporware.

Trust me -- its not.  It's just that I'm detail oriented.

I started off with one template and I put a lot of monsters into it.  Mikey over at helped too.

Then I changed the template.  Then I started adding monsters from THE TOME OF HORRORS.  Then I added some new ideas.  Then Bat over at Ancient Vaults said that he'd contribute monsters (AWESOME!)

Then OpenOffice crashed.  UGH!

Anyway, I am slogging through this thing, and I hope to put 1/26th of the book out this week.  I'm working on the A's right now.  I want to make sure that they are done to my satisfaction.  I will finish the intro and then I'll put "Part A" out as a PDF.

I'll probably repeat that process 25 more times.

Then, I'll get the encounter tables and treasure tables and maps built and I'll assemble the whole thing.


Just thought you (might) want to know.


David The Archmage said...

Bat is involved too? Awesome!

Looking forward to A!

Pontifex said...

I dig the new blog template, by the way. I hope I am not too late noticing. ;)

Jim said...

@David -- yep. He's great! Good stuff!
@Greg -- thanks! Just had to make a change... :)

Spawn of Endra said...

Rock on Jim, I'm looking forward to seeing the 1/26th. I'm also happier to read a rant about an actual project and its struggles than the wash of pseudo-philosophical RPG rants we've been suffering through for the last few days. Keep it up!

satyre said...

Also looking forward to MMMM part 'A'.

Don't know about Massive Monograph but it might be more of an Encyclopedia with that structure.