Sunday, June 12, 2011

Deck of Scrolls

Here's a file of 18 different scrolls.  Sure, the picture is the same on each, but I've either changed the color of the scroll or I've changed the color of the card.

Print them out and write the spells on them, then give them to your players.  Enjoy!



Martin R. Thomas said...

Very cool!

So... I'm super computer un-savvy (I need to turn in my geek card) but when I click on the "Download Now" button, all that happens is it goes to a separate page with a picture of the cards that includes the "Download Now" graphic on the page. But, it doesn't actually open a PDF, like your weapon cards from yesterday.

Do you know what I'm doing wrong?

Jim said...

@Martin -- it downloads for me. :( What if you "right-click" "save link as"? Does that work? If you have trouble, I can always email you the file. Here's another link of all my gaming-blog files --

Trey said...

I had the same problem as Martin, in that I was trying to click the "download now" button in the picture and that wasn't working, but the download here hyperlink above works fine.

Good stuff.

Jim said...

@Martin and Trey -- OH! You clicked on the picture... My bad. I've fixed it now. Next time, I won't screencap the "download here" button! :) Sorry.