Friday, June 3, 2011

History and Overview of Dungeons and Dragons

I stumbled across this link at a site called "Jonny Nexus" while I was Googling for something else.  :)

It's a PDF of the "History and Overview of Dungeons and Dragons."  It seems to be well written, it has a lot of footnotes and it's 186 pages long.

Download it here


Jeff Rients said...

I loved Johnny Nexus's work on Critical Miss. He was one of the inspirations for starting my blog. I didn't realize he had his own site now. Cool beans.

x said...

Yeah, that's a 'wiki book' as I like to call them. You can compile information into one document and have it formatted and save it as a pdf. This one is well organized. Mine on D&D is a little more scattered. :)

My monolith to date: a book on Transhumanism that topped 2,500 pages when it was finished. Great resource for Eclipse Phase. Now if I can just start getting these things posted :)

Jim said...

@Jeff -- never heard of Critical Miss before. Will check it out.

@ADD Grog -- I like the thought of building a "book" that way. The internal hyperlinks would be cool. Maybe I'll try and build my campaign sourcebook that way...

irbyz said...

> It seems to be well written, it has a lot of footnotes

Hey, there is /some/ good stuff on Wikipedia: just don't believe everything you read there.
(Darn, and I wrote some of that, too ;p)

Hadn't seen that compilation before: useful to have, +thx.