Monday, June 13, 2011

The Ominous Storeroom

Kev, of Kev's Lounge fame, has a new product up at his webstore.  It's called "The Ominous Storeroom."

I've posted about Kev's stuff in the past.

I've used his "Rocklands" to create upcycled dungeon tiles.  He and I collaborated on a One Page Dungeon this year.

This is his first pay product.  All of his other awesome work so far has been free.

Well, as someone who frequently buys printable dungeon tiles (from folks like Fat Dragon) I have to say that I'm duly impressed.

The tiles are dynamic.  You can change the way the floors look.  There are three styles of stonework --
small brown flagstone
You can even turn some "crusty muck" on or off if you'd like and there are cool additional tile bits like rats, straw and puddles that you can stack on top of these larger tiles.

You can also change the grids: none, 1" squares, 1" corner stars, 1.5" squares and 1.5" corner stars.

Now, as if that wasn't enough -- you also get some really great 3D models of stacked wooden crates.  The crates are customizable with mold, waybills, varied colors, etc.  There are also three sets of models with three sets of construction difficulty.  Very cool.  I'll build some of these this week and I'll post about that here as well.
are these cool or what?
In my opinion, Kev's "Ominous Storeroom" is a fantastic set of printable dungeon tiles with some very cool 3D paper models included.  You can't beat the price, so if you are into this kind of thing, do yourself a favor and go check them out!

(full disclosure, Kev sent me a copy of the files to check them out.)

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