Sunday, June 16, 2013

Summer Campaign 2013 [Part 8]

The adventurers and their newfound goblin allies --

  • 1 goblin leader
  • 1 goblin archer - known as Lump
  • 1 goblin wolf handler - known as Gork
  • 1 goblin wizard (2nd level magic user)
  • 2 goblin wolves (only 1+2 HD)
-- head toward Halfdan's hobgoblin occupied mine in hopes of taking it back.

The adventurers come upon a plan wherein they will lure the hobgoblins outside to fight.  The goblins will climb up on the hillside above the mine and the adventurers will climb up into the trees just outside the mine entrance.


The group takes up positions and they decide to "knock on the door," using arrows and crossbow bolts.

The first shot is an arrow into the wood of the door -- THUNK!  The arrow sticks in the door.  The adventurers wait for someone to answer their "knock" but no on does.

The second shot is a crossbow bolt, aimed at the reinforced metal bands on the door -- CLANNNG!  The adventurers wait awhile and see the door open just a crack.  A hobgoblin arm reaches out and snaps their arrow off, then the door slams.

The hobgoblins certainly know they are back...


The adventurers decide that an oil flask on the door might draw them out.  The cleric climbs down out of the tree and hurls an oil flask at the door.  FWOOOSH!  The door is engulfed in flames!  The cleric quickly climbs back up into the tree.

Within about one minute, the door is thrown open and 4 large wolves are released into the area!  They surge out of the doorway sniffing at the air and they quickly detect the scent of the 4 adventurers.  They close in and surround the tree, barking and yipping!

The goblins on the hill are still undetected (it is believed) so they bide their time.

The characters rain missiles down on the wolves, killing one, just as three hobgoblin archers erupt from the doorway!

[Initiative is rolled, the characters win]

They shoot at the hobgoblin archers and all miss.  The goblins continue to wait.  

The hobgoblins divide up their attacks and shoot into the tree.  2 shots are fired at the human fighter -- he is hit for 6 points (he only has 4) he falls from the tree.  I ask him to roll a save (17!) so he falls and doesn't break his neck.  

His body is lying among three hungry wolves!

The goblins now shoot 2 arrows, throw a spear and use a magic missile in the hopes of killing off wolves.  They succeed in injuring one badly.

The two other hobgoblins combine for 4 points on the cleric and 1 point on Halfdan.

[Initiative is rolled, the characters win]

Halfdan jumps out of the tree and attacks one of the wolves, hoping to draw it away from the fallen fighter.  The hobbit concentrates missile fire on another wolf and kills it.

The goblin magic user casts sleep and rolls an 11!!  Both remaining wolves and the 3 hobgoblin archers are slept.  

The party breathes a sigh of relief, but their relief is only temporary!

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