Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Reaper Bones - Ghostly Summons - PAINTED!

On Saturday, I went out to Bad Moons Gaming in Apache Junction, AZ for Free RPG Day.  I got some swag -- the Swords and Wizardry module "Hall of Bones" and the LotFP offering, "Better Than Any Man."

At first glance, both are excellent (in their own way.)  More on them later.

To support Bad Moons, I made a couple purchases.  I bought the Pathfinder Battles - Champions of Evil box.  Good stuff.  Reasonably priced.

And I bought one Bones mini - Ghostly Summons.

I have the Vampire box (and more) coming, but I wanted to try and paint one of these translucent minis.  The results are below.

In order to paint the clear parts of the mini and leave them translucent, I needed to paint that part of the mini with matte base.  It dries clear and it gives the wash something to stick to.  Without it, the wash just puddled up in dots on the plastic.

I'm no champion painter, but I think this turned out pretty good.


Sean Robson said...

Looking good, Jim! I'm waiting for my Vampire bones shipment, too. I got the pre-shipping address confirmation email the other day, so I'm getting psyched.

Jim said...

@Sean - thanks. Yes. I did too. I am looking forward to a lot of painting this summer and fall. :)