Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Homemade Gelatinous Cube

So I found an old piece of heavy plastic -- the stuff that electronics comes in -- and I cut out a long strip, 2.25 inches wide and 9" long.  I scored it every 2.25" and folded it over like a box.  I did leave a little strip on one end so I'd have some material to glue to.

Then I made a lid.  2.25" square with small strips on two sides.  I glued it to the top.

I then, LIBERALLY, squirted hot glue all over the thing.  I did one side at a time, covering the edges and the corners, dripping a bit each time.

It's hollow on the inside so that it could "engulf" a mini or two if necessary.

It feels heavy and pretty solid.  I think the glue really reinforced the plastic.

Here's the final result --

I think it turned out pretty well.

EDIT - By request, here are some more pictures --
You *might* be able to tell that the open side is near Collen

Collen being dissolved by the Gelatinous Cube


Dennis Laffey said...

Very cool. How about a pic with a mini engulfed?

Jim said...

@Lord Gwydion -- Your wish is my command.

bliss_infinte said...

Nice one!

Christopher said...

Wow. I've seen ideas for home-made gelatinous cubes before, but never ones that can engulf other minis. So cool!

Sean Robson said...

Jim, this is by far the nicest gelatinous cube I've ever seen. Far better than any commercially available ones. Otherworld Miniatures sells a gelatinous cube that isn't half this nice for 15 GBP!

I'm not clear what sort of plastic you used to make this, though. Would it be possible to post a 'before' picture?

Dennis Laffey said...

Thanks for the extra pics!