Monday, June 3, 2013

Campaign Planning - Old Book Images

My grandson and his friends would like to play some Old School D&D this summer (probably Swords & Wizardry) and I started planning yesterday.

Young people are more visual than us grognards, so I thought I'd start by identifying all the imagery that would play a role in the campaign.

I went to the OBI Scrapbook Blog and dug through their archive.  I also went to Wikimedia Commons.  The idea was to use ONLY Public Domain images.  Old stuff (mostly) and re-purpose them into the foundation of the campaign.

Many of the images were good "as is," but some were not.  I used GIMP to remove elements that I didn't need or want.  :)

I created a PDF file of all the images and I will be working to "stat up" all the different stuff as the campaign progresses.  I'll be using a "just in time" approach -- planning only what is needed and being creative on the fly when necessary.

I used an old book cover picture to create sections within the pictures.  I think I have over 150 different images.

Here are a few screenshots of the work so far.

The interesting thing that I find happening is that I'm making choices about what IS and what ISN'T included in the world.  If I can't find a picture, I can't use it.  The "picture book" is a constraint but it is also serves to focus my ideas.  

I'm liking the way this is going so far.  I thought I'd like to share.

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Timothy S. Brannan said...

That is a very cool resource!