Saturday, June 29, 2013

[Monster] Pyrohydralisk

Pyrohydralisk : HD 15 [150 HPs]; AC -2/0 [21/19]; Atk 5-7 bites (2d12) 2 Claws (1d12); Move 18; Save 3; CL/XP 21/4700; Special: Firebreath, Petrification

Magically engineered from a joining of pyrohydra and basilisk eggs, the pyrohydralisk is a terrible and fearsome opponent.

Each round, it can attack with each of its heads and its two front claws.  For each head, roll a d6.  

  • On a 1-4, the head will bite for 2d12 damage.  A successful bite will force a save vs. petrification, or the target will be turned to stone.
  • On a 5-6, the head will breathe fire in a line at a target within 30'.  The breath does 40 points of damage (save for half.)  
The underbelly of the pyrohydralisk is not as heavily armored as the rest of its body, hence AC 0[19].

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