Wednesday, December 29, 2010

What did I do now???

In the past couple of days, I've lost four (4) followers!

What happened?

Happy New Year to the 75 of you that are still around!  I appreciate you and am glad you enjoy reading the strange things that come out of my head...

PS: I just dug a bunch of minis out of storage and I've started painting an old Citadel troll.  I'm not a great mini painter, but I try really hard.  :)  I'll let you all have a peek when its done.  I plan on it being a special monster in my CotMA game, so I'll share his exploits with you as well (and his stats!)

PPS: Here's another book I've added to my OSR resource collection thanks to Al over at Beyond the Black Gate!  It's awesome!  Thanks Al!  Go get your own copy if you haven't already!


Sean Robson said...

I look forward to seeing your troll, Jim, I LOVE seeing other people's miniatures!

Pontifex said...

Maybe they were offended by the gratuitous sex and violence as of late.

Oh wait, this isnt LOTFP... ;)

John Matthew Stater said...

I always wonder that myself when I lose followers. Don't worry about it - just post what you like.

Robert Saint John said...

Hey Jim, you almost lost me, through no fault of your own. I didn't dig deep into it so can't provide the details, but perhaps others saw the same as me.

For the past week or so, the Troll and Flame blog was being blocked by Google through its reader (Blogger Dashboard, actually) as having malware. I ignored it a few times except being subscribed to it, the very summary of it in the reader brought up a warning. I got to the site another way, saw that Norman has resolved the problem, and just told the reader to ignore it (I've got anti-malware out the wazoo anyway).

Strangely, and just once (yesterday morning), Carjacked Seraphim threw up the same warning. Again, I just ignored it and told the reader to load and proceed anyway. But it's possible that some people had to unsubscribe because they didn't want to take the chance, but couldn't proceed with their reader while subscribed to CS.

Anyone else see anything similar? If nothing else, you may want to check the T&F site. I think it had something to do with a link to someone else's site he had on his page. HTH

Jim said...

@All -- thanks for the comments.

@Robert -- Hm. I do link to Troll and Flame from time to time... Maybe so. Thanks for the info!

Sean Robson said...

I've gotten the same malware warnings from several other blogs also linking to Troll and Flame.