Saturday, December 11, 2010

Q1 - The Evil Temple of Fraz-Urb'luu (Part 5)

The Trap Rooms (Part 2):
TR-5 "The floor is illusionary.  The room is a spiked pit.  1-6 pts + 20% chance of hitting a spike for 1-4.  If the party walks the far perimeter of the room, there is a 2' ledge (dotted line).
This is the way that Kraalnar goes to ascend to the second level and his chamber.  There has to be a way for him to get around without being subjected to all the traps.  I think that my younger self was clever with these traps.
TR-6 "Anyone entering this room that is not of evil alignment will see his double.  His double will strike as a 1 HD monster and do 1-6 points of damage regardless of the weapon type.  If the character wins, the double disappears and a gem worth 1000 gp for HP the double had will lie in its place.  If the double wins, the character is teleported (D-1, Dungeon Level, Detention Cells) and gains 500 XP for the fight.  It will seem to the others that the character just disappeared with his double.
The gold and XP payout for this trap is pretty high.  If I did it all over again, I wouldn't include that part. I think that I was trying to sweeten the deal with this trap.  It's a little handwavey and there's no way to avoid it (unlike the other traps) if you are non-evil (and ALL my PCs were non-evil).

This trap is basically an alarm for TR-7.

At this time, I don't think I'd ever seen this kind of trap from my own play (I could be wrong).  I had played TSR modules almost exclusively at this point.  If anyone knows offhand what modules have this kind of trap -- I'd be interested to find out.  Only one other DM in our group created his own stuff, but by now he'd moved back to CA.
 TR-7 "Cage: In room 2-2 (Level 2 Security), 5 guards wait and watch.  The floor of the room is covered with hundreds of 1 gp gems.  After the party walks in, the guards will drop the portcullises over each exit and will start throwing things at the party; mostly chicken guts, blood and intestines but will use daggers, bolts and arrows if the party gets violent.
The purpose of this room is to basically STOP the party from advancing.  After they are suitably humiliated, the guards will raise the back portcullis and let them retreat (of course they'll have to face their double again -- another chance to be teleported to the dungeon...)  If memory serves, I think a well-timed Sleep spell took care of the guards and Brash with his 18/XX Strength took care of the bars.

On to Level 2!

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"The purpose of this room is to basically STOP the party from advancing."

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