Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Saw this in my blog reader --

D&D Home Play News
Scheduling and Reporting Update
Chris Tulach

For the last few years, D&D play has been able to be scheduled under 2 categories – home (or private) play and public play. With the change in focus to public play, and specifically Wizards Play Network (WPN) play, we have decided to retire the home play category effective January 2011. Home DMs and players don’t need to worry about scheduling and reporting their play through a store-based program like the Wizards Play Network.

For most D&D games, this will have minimal to no impact. We’ve already transitioned our DM and player rewards to our program kits available for D&D Game DaysD&D Encounters, and (coming soon) our WPN Gateway kits. For Living Forgotten Realms, we are in the process of making many of the previously released adventures accessible to the public at large through the Living Forgotten Realms Community Group (, and moving forward, that group will be the portal by which players will access new adventure content managed by the community.
Chris Tulach
D&D Organized Play Content Developer
Wizards of the Coast

What the heck are they talking about?  "Home DMs and players don't need to worry about scheduling and reporting their play..."



Miranda said...

I think they're trying to say that the announcement is only for RPGA official games, but I could be totally wrong.

Anonymous said...

I think the idea is that characters are registered so they can be used in different games and still be "legal". I think. Don't understand it anyway, but I'm sure it wasn't really intended for the likes o' me.