Monday, December 20, 2010

The Eruption (part 1)

Back on September 6, 1985, I wrote this issue of my campaign's "newspaper," The Eruption.  

The Eruption was chock full of inside jokes, campaign information, and all kinds of adventure hooks.  The Eruption was used to introduce important NPCs and chronicle the exploits of the players.  If my players couldn't figure out what they wanted to do after they read the paper, they just weren't trying.

This was my way of "sandbox"ing the campaign BEFORE I even knew what that was.  :)

I present to you, without commentary, page 1 of the 9/6/85 issue of The Eruption.  Comments and questions gratefully accepted.

Special thanks to JD for unearthing and scanning this!


Sean Robson said...

That is so cool. I love your layout.

We used to do the same thing in our Champions campaign, and start each session with the daily newspaper full of shocking headlines for the heroes to follow up on.

Jim said...

@Sean - It would have been cool to do with Champs. I (nearly) always played Champions, so I never though to do the Daily Interstellar Object...

christian said...

Man, that is very cool. :)