Monday, December 6, 2010

Q1 - The Evil Temple of Fraz-Urb'luu (Part 3)

1-3a "Demon Doors: The statues are of leering demons.  To open the doors, or even to find them, a character must Save vs. Spells at -2 or they will not want to even come near the statues.  The statues swing out into the hall if a small panel on the demon's side is pressed in.  Requires a Find Traps at +40%"
I remember that the characters approached one of the statues and were turned back by a bunch of bad saving rolls.  They ended up heading down the other way and a couple of the characters saved.  Lacking a thief in the party, the characters had to describe the way they were searching to find the catch.  Once the door was opened, the demon was facing the wall and anyone could pass by.

The eastern secret door would have been the way that Kraalnar left the area after ushering the party into Rm. #4.  He would have closed the doors behind him and marched away through #5, #6 and #7 to the stairs up to Level 2.
1-4 "The Worship Hall: Four gold and silver woven tapestries depicting evil rites cover the east and west walls.  The benches have no backs and are made of glossed ebony.  The altar is obsidian, smooth and glassy on top, but rough hewn on the sides.  The statue is of Fraz-Urb'luu.  The stage area is 8' above the floor, which is mottled grey stone.  The stage is made of grey stone too.  To get to the secret door you must fight statue.
I remember this being a great battle.  The characters were engaged by guards who came in through the back doors in the area of the benches.  Sharky, Brash and Doorknob took the battle to them; often leaping over the benches.  I vaguely remember a bench being used as an "area attack" by Brash (STR 18/big number).

Eventually the "statue" on the stage was controlled by adepts in #5 and joined into the fray...
1-5 "Control Room: The front walls are transparent from this side.  3 pyramids are in the main part of the room.  The pyramids can only be operated by a magic user or cleric who understands the theory on which they work.  The east pyramid can contact, and possibly control (Save vs. Magic) anyone wearing an amulet.  The west pyramid operates the eyes in rm. #2.  The middle one controls the statue of Fraz-Urb'luu in rm. #5.  
The statue can: blast fire for 2-12 pts. of damage in a cone extending at most to the end of the stage.  The statue can move and speak, but it cannot leave the stage.  It has 100 hp. and an AC of 2.  It can also project illusions and phantasms.  Inside this room are 5 adepts (4 if one has left, see rm. #3)  They will use the statue to hold the party at bay until the guards arrive.
Reading this description, I seem to remember a "first foray" into the temple where the PCs were foolish enough to put on the amulets the adepts wear.  Someone was "controlled" and had to be subdued by the party.

The PCs eventually discovered that the statue couldn't pursue them into the larger room and they left it behind.  The adepts were cowardly enough to spy on the PCs, but they never came after them.  They hung out for awhile, but when Kraalnar was defeated, I picture them slinking away into the forest or nearby city to find another cult to join...
1-5a "This room has 5 cots in it.  This room is where the adepts in rm. #5 sleep.  There is nothing of value here."
1-5b "The adepts have provisions and water stored here.  There is nothing more of value here." 

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