Saturday, December 18, 2010

A Time Capsule

I have a heavy-duty four-drawer filing cabinet in my office.  It was a gift from a friend, Steve, who moved to CA about 15 years ago and didn't want to move it.

The top drawer is filled with household stuff, the third drawer is copies of my tax returns and the bottom drawer has teaching resources and some reams of copy paper.

The second drawer is filled with TREASURES!  I could probably pull random pages out of this drawer for five years and write about them on this blog.  In fact, I might just do that!  :)
The second drawer holds much of my gaming notes gathered from play and DMing since I began playing these games in 1980.

Today, at random, I pulled out an old folder and inside I found a time capsule -- a job application for Flying Buffalo Inc.  They had a game store back in the day and I spent nearly all of my Saturday's playing games there once I was able to drive.

Apparently, at one time, I thought about working there.  I filled out the app, but didn't complete it or turn it in.  It makes me smile to look at it and read the responses.

I can only assume that I didn't fill this out because my Mom got me a job on a golf course during the summer of 1983.  I didn't ask her to, but she did it and then I was committed.  I hated that job.  It was a lot of work for $3.35/hour.  Way more work than I wanted to do.  I got a tan and I got in shape, but it sucked.

I wonder what would have happened if I'd gotten a job at FBI instead?  I'd have had the chance to work with Michael Stackpole, Ken St. Andre, Liz Danforth and many others.  That would have been cool.

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