Saturday, December 4, 2010

Q1 - The Evil Temple of Fraz-Urb'luu (Part 1)

In the beginning... I was a railroader.  :)

I had written this great (my opinion) adventure and by God, the players were gonna play it!

In all honesty, my friends didn't put up much of a fight.  They wanted to play and I was willing to run this adventure.  That was enough.

We rolled up the characters, 4d6 drop the low was our method.  Rearrange the six scores as you see fit.  I don't remember any point swapping, but it could have happened.

Norm rolled up an elf wizard, Skanderbag the Unexpected and JD rolled up a ranger, Sharky Dangerthorn.  Cool names, huh?

I had two NPCs, a fighter/knight/paladin called Brash Blunderbuss and his dumb, but brutal and lethal sidekick, the dwarf Doorknob the Daring.  (He had a helmet with a doorknob on the top.  It could be used by Brash to pick him up and move him around).

We've had a few shakedown cruises with the party and they've fought a few humanoids, some giant spiders, some norkers and they've accumulated a few minor magic items.  Skanderbag has the "Gotcha" gem and Sharky has the "Norkinator" sword.  Brash and Doorknob, being NPCs, are still magic-less.

The party has learned about the local wizard, Wilmanric, and they've purchased at least one can of "Wizard Spray".  Probably red.

So now the whole campaign begins in a tavern.  (Where else?)  Sharky, a tricky fellow, is playing cards and is (ahem) taking liberties with the rules.  Skanderbag is minding his own business (sort of) and Brash is hitting on the ladies.  Doorknob is drinking and drinking and drinking...

Skanderbag decides to send Fred, his pseudodragon familiar (he ACTUALLY rolled it) over to hassle Sharky.  Fred uncovers the fact that Sharky has a card up his sleeve and accusations of cheating are heard.  There is yelling and a fight breaks out.

Brash stops hitting on chicks and bellows, "No Weapons!"  It turns into (generally) a fist fight.  In the end, Sharky gets beat up pretty bad, Brash breaks a guys arm, and Skanderbag puts a bunch of the combatants to sleep.

Some hard feelings are created between the two *characters*, but my players did pretty well together.

In the morning, Sharky goes out to the alchemist and buys a hangover/fistfight remedy and vial of strong acid.  If that pseudodragon butts into his business again; it will be the last time...

The four of them knew of a dark temple.  A temple to the demon lord, Fraz-Urb'luu (you say that last part while thumping your chest twice with your right arm to get a kind of "reverb" on the "luu".)  We were a goofy bunch.

Anyway, there's this dark temple and it needs to be destroyed.  Who knows what terrible things they've done?

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