Sunday, February 2, 2014

Day 2: First person YOU introduced to D&D

Though it probably seems strange, the first person I introduced to D&D was probably my Dad.

You see, there were all these cool adventures to play (you could check modules out from the public library) and I needed a DM!

Dad could do it!  :)

He was a good sport about it.  He never really understood what he was doing.  I always had to help him "move through" the adventure.

In reality, I was probably a co-DM and player.  :)

The adventure he "ran" for me was "The Isle of Dread."

We skipped over the hexcrawl stuff and mostly dungeon crawled.  Funny how I always seemed to know where the good treasure bits were located...


Later in life, I introduced my girlfriend (eventually wife) to the game.  She played a wizard in a 3+ year campaign.  Myrrinne Moonbow.  She has also played Fudge, FATE and Savage Worlds with me.

I also introduced two of her sons (my stepsons).  I still play Warhammer 40k with one on a regular basis.

I've also introduced my grandkids.  3 of 4 have played at one time or another...

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