Monday, February 10, 2014

Day 10: First gaming magazine I ever bought

It was this issue of The Dragon #52 --
I still have it.  :)

The cover binding is taped up from getting worn out.

I carried this issue in my backpack for months.  I pored over the book for weeks.  I didn't read it all, but I did re-read parts I liked.  I had to be careful when I'd take it out in class for fear that my teacher would see the cover and it would be confiscated!

Some remembrances (thumbing through the issue...)
  • There's an article about Clerics.  Until just this past year, I'd never played a cleric.  Maybe I need to give it a read...
  • Great article by J. Eric Holmes about Basic D&D.  Should give that a re-read.
  • Oh and Tom Moldvay too!
  • WOW!  Here's the "coupon" where Gamescience says they are giving dice away!  I sent my parents out into the wild (see Post 8) with this coupon.
  • Boris article.
  • Giants in the Earth: Circe.  Fun!
  • "The Cavern of the Sub Train" - A Gamma World Adventure.  I think I actually ran this once for my buddies.  
  • Bounty Hunter NPC
  • Ral Partha Storm Giant.  A classic.
  • Dungeon Tiles by Task Force Games.  I actually own this supplement (still have it!)
  • Book Reviews: 
    • Dream Park by Larry Niven (read it)
    • Dragonslayer (saw the movie)
  • Cleric Mirth

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