Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Day 12: First Store where you bought your Gaming Supplies

I live in the Mesa, AZ area.  In the early 80's there were two stores where I bought my gaming stuff.

  • Toys R Us at Tri-City Mall
  • Toys by Roy at Fiesta Mall
Neither one exists today.  In fact, Tri-City Mall is mostly gone/repurposed.

I bought my Grenadier Adventurers minis at Toys R Us.  I also bought my Monster Manual and Fiend Folio there.  Some dice as well.

I used to buy all my modules at Toys by Roy.  They actually had all the modules hole punched at the top and on display around the ceiling of the room in the back of the store.  There was an index card taped to each module so you could say, "I'd like B4 please."

When good ol Roy went out of business, I bought one or two hole-punched modules on clearance.  I also got the Holmes Blue Book for $0.25!

When I got older, I bought a lot of gaming stuff at Game Depot.  It was near ASU at the time.  They are still around and have relocated.  I was there just a couple of weeks ago.

I also bought a lot of stuff at Desert Hobbies (gone), Waterloo Games (gone) and Roaming Panzer Games (gone.)

I used to buy my Dragon Magazines at Waldenbooks (gone.)

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