Monday, February 17, 2014

Day 17: First time I heard that D&D was evil

I guess I was in High School?  There were a lot of misconceptions about D&D going around.  People just didn't understand.

I never had worried parents.  Remember, my Dad was my DM at one point.  He knew it was just a game.

A stigma of D&D did exist in high school, but it wasn't really based on it's "evilness," it was based on it's "uncoolness."

All in all, I heard that D&D was "evil" but no one I ever encountered truly believed that.  "Other people" somewhere else thought that and they were simply misinformed.

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Trey said...

My parents had questions about D&D, but they didn't necessarily by what they had heard, but it made them want to be sure of what their kids were getting into.