Thursday, February 13, 2014

Day 13: First Miniatures you used for D&D

That would be the Grenadier Adventurers Box set --

I remember buying this at Tri-City Mall.  Boy, I was happy!  To me, a box of minis was a really big deal.  AK, my DM, had a lot of minis (and many were even painted!)

I got started painting these right away -- with Testor's Model Paints!  Ugh!

They didn't turn out well at all.  :(

Eventually I decided to soak them in paint stripper to get the nasty oil-based acrylics off of them.  Most of the minis globbed together in an awful mess.  I tossed them out!

I did manage to save these three (it took A LOT of scrubbing)
I'm working to repaint them now.  :)

I just couldn't bear to be without my #5001 box, so I did buy a couple off of eBay --

I hope to finish painting a complete box for myself and another for my grandson, Matt.

Someday!  :)


Dungeon Dweller said...

Those Grenadier minis bring back such happy memories - I can understand why you would get some off eBay.

I used the Testors paint on mine as well..and they stunk. I wish that Grenadier would have included a pamphlet on how to do a basic, but good paint job on the minis using acrylics and washes. Nothing to fancy..just a page or two. We had no internet then and were flying blind.

Peter D said...

I just won an auction for 5001, I always wanted that set. I have some already, but not the rest.

Sean Robson said...

Yep, I'm part of the Testors crowd, too. I slathered my first miniatures with a nice thick coat of enamel gloss.

A while back I embarked upon a project to salvage those victims of my early painting endeavors, and stripped the enamel off them in preparation for repainting.

Darcy Perry said...

I still have some of those! Grenadier were my first miniatures too. The box sets were fantastic.

Robo said...

I don't have the miniatures any more, but I did manage to retain the box cover to 5001. I'm planning on having it framed.