Sunday, November 10, 2013

Tomb of Horrors Face Finished (2 of 2)

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So, I made one face out of Model Magic "foam" material.  It turned out pretty good, but not perfect.  It's light and I think it will hold up well in use.

I made another Green Devil Face using some terracotta clay I purchased at Hobby Lobby.   It's heavier and I think it is probably much more fragile.  Since it was actual clay, I was able to use tools to carve and shape it.

I think this one turned out much, much better.  You be the judge.
 The wall and floor are textured with flexible modeling paste.

 The Face is painted in dark green and then drybrushed with light green and highlights of bright yellow.

"Crom says get in the mouth or I will throw you in myself!"
 I actually think it looks better in person than in these pictures.  :)

Since it is made out of clay, not foam, it is A LOT heavier.  It was also a little bit too easy to tip backward.  I added a "foot" on the back and I went ahead and built the base up in four layers of thin cardboard.


Gothridge Manor said...

You need to do a limited collectors addition for these and sell a few. I think people would love to have this prop for their game. It looks fantastic.

Jim said...

@Tim Shorts -- Thank you! That's very kind.

John said...

Really we'll done, the finished thing is very cool.

Aaron E. Steele said...

Nice job. You did what I wanted to do. Need to get some modeling putty and try my hand at this.

Anonymous said...

Oh man...I played the TOH back in 1983 in jr high. I remember that green devil entrance. Nice job!