Thursday, November 21, 2013

PHB Cover Idol WIP

So, I want to make a version of this --

To scale for my game table.  I posted about it here.  

I needed to have space for the wiring, so I made an internal structure out of a paint lid and a dog food bowl --
I'm going to build the body around this.  The head (when it is done) will fit on top.  I may mold it as a separate piece to facilitate the wiring.  We'll see...

Here's the body so far.  I decided to build it from the arms up; mostly neglecting the legs.  I may use a tealight for the cauldron once I get there.  We'll see how it turns out. 

Front (incomplete)

Back (mostly complete).  There's a tube that keeps a hole open, in case I want to make any wiring external.  Now that I think about the size of the interior, that's probably not necessary.  :)
More to come!


Sgt. Slag said...

Holy!... Wow! Never thought of making this idol before now. What a great, fun project! So many ways to make it: Sculpey, air-drying clay, papier mache', etc... Really looking forward to watching this come to fruition. Thanks for sharing, especially on DM Scotty's forum, or I would not have seen this fantastic project. Cheers!

barrataria said...

Pretty cool.

You suggest using a "tealight"; I'm not sure if you mean an actual candle or one of those little battery-operated votives as used in many churches nowadays. They have a cool flickering effect that would do nicely, and of course solve any problem with venting the candle flame.

Lasgunpacker said...

Nice start! I have thought about making a few idols myself, but I need the idle time...