Monday, November 18, 2013

Fountain or Obelisk or Mausoleum (Finished)

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Here's the finished product --

The adventurers close in on the evil wizard and his goliath henchmen.

The vertical posts are made from plastic straws found here.  The big skull was made from Sculpey pressed into a Halloween ice cube tray.

 Here it is without the flowing water and no minis to distract you.  :)  I used quite a bit of flexible modeling paste to texture the structure and to fill in the gaps in the cardboard.

I can see the adventurers questing to turn the flowing water back on -- maybe activating healing or other properties...

 Here's the flowing water.  It's made from cardboard from a cereal box.  It's textured with hot glue.  I painted the water in two colors of blue (both light) and pearlized white.  The arrow on the bottom left lines up with the big skull so that the water fits on properly.

The pointy toothpicks slide under the central post to hold the waterfalls in place.

Here's the flowing water with a little synthetic snow to make the foam/splashes.

I'm very happy with the way it turned out.  

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Lord Thanatos said...

This is AWESOME! I was waiting to see the finished product. Very cool with the water effects. I hope you know I'm stealing all of your ideas...