Wednesday, November 6, 2013

More Giant Statues or Objective Markers

Here are the other three markers I've completed.  I like the way they've turned out.  I might fiddle a bit by adding rubble to a couple of the bases.  I have one more angel to do, then I'll be done.
When I see this one, I think of an "ancient depiction" of the Emperor.

A saint or angel gazing into a golden "power crystal."  Probably an atomic reactor in Warhammer 40k.

I love the scale of this angel.  She's "battle damaged" and the folds of her robe make a little "bunker" where troops can take cover or snipe at the enemy.  Hiding in the base is Sgt. Telion.


Darnizhaan said...

Those look like they would fit in well in Mordheim.

Jim said...

@Darnizhaan -- I agree. I've never played that; it's a hive world (or somesuch) in the 40k universe, correct?

Darnizhaan said...

Its a city based game in warhammer, not 40k, where you basically run a gang while looking for magic warpstone. I never played it. Mutant Chronicles and Chronopia were the only ones I played. The flavor of Mordheim was great, though.