Saturday, November 9, 2013

Who's this Guy?

That's a rhetorical question.  I know EXACTLY who it is.  I've known for 35 years or so.  Ever since one of my first DM's referred to him by name --


Kinda like Jujubes.  Jubilex.

I'm sorry to say that I've been WRONG all these years.  Its name is Juiblex.  I just double-checked my Monster Manual.


Like Jwee blex.  Jweeeeeeeee!

I just discovered my mistake as I was reading through the Adventures Dark and Deep Bestiary.

Thank you Mr. Bloch for your attention to detail.

I salute you!


Dithering Fool said...

Wow...I've had it wrong too...almost makes you want to stat up a Jubilex Petty God of Mistaken Demonic Identity

Daddy Grognard said...

I misread it as well to begin with. I was put right but it's still hard to read it in my mind the way it's written on the page.

I always thought he'd do a great cover version of "It's Gotta be Jelly cause Jam don't Shake like that"

Anonymous said...

In Pathfinder, it's officially Jubilex, now.
And that's the name I'll use - I mean, it was always Jubilex. Even though it wasn't. But that doesn't matter. :P

Jim said...

@Dithering Fool -- Cool idea. What would he look like? Wasn't there a movie character that was a victim of mistaken identity?
@Daddy G -- I agree. I swear I actually had to focus and refocus my eyes to see where the "i" actually is.
@Rorschachhamster -- Niiice! Didn't know that Pathfinder had made that change. Any others?

Jester47 said...

Juiblex is the WotC IP name, Jubilex is the ogl/srd name chosen precisely because of the common misread/mispronunciation that seemed almost universal. This was made official in the necromancer games Tome of Horrors series and the discussion to do so still exists on the NG messageboards somewhere.

1d30 said...

I also had always thought it was Jubilex.

Maybe Jubilex is the happy-go-lucky version of Juiblex?