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Spells from the Past (5)

Previous posts here, here, here, and here.  This stuff was written over 24 years ago.  No play balance is promised.  :)  This spell was created by one of my players, and longtime friends, GZ.  His wizard was Joryn Gemseeker.

(Abjuration, Evocation, Divination)

Level 3
Range:  0
Components:  VSM
Duration:  1 day per level or special
Casting Time:  1 hour
Area of Effect:  Caster
Save:  None

This spell is a vastly improved version of Joryn's Gemstone Armor.  It is a full spectrum damper of most known damaging attack forms.  Its purpose is to lessen the damage to the mage so that counter-attack or ...perish the thought...retreat... is possible.

The physical manifestation of the spell resembles a crystalline field surrounding the caster, not unlike shimmering diamonds.  This effect may be turned on or off, at will.  When it is off, there is no protection afforded from the Mystical Armor.

The Mystical Armor spell allow the caster to subtract a certain amount from damage done to him by successful attacks.  The protection tops out at twelfth level of effectiveness. 

The Armor itself is divided into three categories of protection: physical, normal energy, and magical.  The amount of protection afforded to the caster is shown on the table below.  The Mystical Armor protects the caster differently from each attack form.

Physical (swords, claws, etc.) Level Level 1†
Normal Energy (fire, acid, etc.) Level 1/2 Level 2
Magical damage Level None 3

* The caster may add this additional protection with a successful Spellcraft roll.  A -2 penalty is incurred for each additional attack beyond the first each round.

† The field integrity takes an additional amount equal to the '+' bonus of a magical weapon striking the Mystical Armor.

Under actual combat conditions, the duration is typically much shorter than one day per level of the caster.  

The Mystical Armor has a field integrity equal to double the caster's level plus 0 to 9 additional points.  The 0 to 9 additional points is rolled secretly by the DM.  Each and every attack which hits the caster, damages the Armor a little bit according to the Damage column in the table above.  

The Armor will persist until brought down by attack, dispelled, or the duration runs out.  The Mystical Armor does not reduce the damage of the blow which sunders it.

The wizard will know what type of attack is used against him.  When the Armor is struck, it flashes briefly, a specific color for each attack form.  Blue for normal physical, red for normal energy, and black for magical.

The material components of this spell are three robes.  The first robe must be spun of fine blue linen, woven with metal threads, and costing no less than 200 gp.  The second robe is made of red fabric inundated with phlogiston and worth at least 500 gp.  The third robe is solid black cloth, blessed by a Priest of Malko, and then charged with a Dispel Magic from the caster.  The black robe costs 1500 gp minimum.  The robes are only donned individually during the casting process then they are typically removed and put away for safe keeping.

(Unfortunately Joryn's Gemstone Armor has been lost to the mists of time...)

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